How do you set goal tracking in getresponse?

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I am trying to set goal tracking in getresponse. I have these pages

1) Landing page
2) Thank you page
3) Option 1 page
4) Option 2 page
5) Ask question page
6) Order form

Now, I have created 5 different campaigns in getresponse. Now, I want if someone goes from one page to other, he should get emails accordingly.

So, if someone clicks from option 2 to order page (Than, for some reason doesnt complete the purchase). He should get emails from "Order form campaigns".

Now, I have done these things already

1) I have created goals in getresponse

2) Ii have also inserted javascript code on all pages.

3) Code is running well and I have recorded goal conversion = 1 for first page. But it isnt working for rest of the pages.

I have asked getresponse support team but they are not helping me out properly. I need to get it done asap.

Can anyone help me? How about some tutorial on this?

Thanks in advance
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