What things should I outsource?

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Hello all,

I have 2 people working for me except they aren't doing much. I don't know what to get them to do.

I need some ideas.

I have an ebook site which is selling well which is promoted mainly through PPC.

I have one guy who is just doing some blog comments for the site. 5 comments per day. I don't know how many I should be doing, but 5 seems okay to me.

The other guy is just answering my support desk which doesn't take that much time each day.

The only problem with these guys is that they don't write articles. Blog comments, no problem. Articles, too much.

Anyway, please share some ideas on things I can get them doing right away.
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    If your main source of traffic is from PPC, then you need to have them start working on SEO and start generating free traffic. Have them build a mini-net, or do directory submissions, have them do forum posts, social bookmarking... the things they can and should be doing for you are unlimited.
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      You could have them write articles for you, or have them start building links into your websites. You can purchase any of the link building WSOs you see which have lists of hundreds of sites where you can get a good backlink from. Just buy those reports and then have your outsource people work in building like 10 links per day or something. Over the course of a month you will have picked up a pile of quality backlinks and can get a great ranking potentially.
      Paul Counts, Host of the "Count On Us Internet Profits Radio Show"
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    Anything that is repetitive and you can sum up in a 5-10 min video that someone can duplicate is what you should be outsourcing. And you can do so to people for as low as $2 a hour in many cases.
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      Originally Posted by SeanSupplee View Post

      Anything that is repetitive and you can sum up in a 5-10 min video that someone can duplicate is what you should be outsourcing. And you can do so to people for as low as $2 a hour in many cases.
      Yep, I like the idea. I want ideas on the 5-10min videos that I can give to my workers?
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        You could browse the WSO section for example and look for different offers like for videos where they are showing people how to do things or where people are offering reports that show a plan of action. Anything like that will work. I find that there are a ton of good offers in the WSO section that are great for outsourcers to use.
        Paul Counts, Host of the "Count On Us Internet Profits Radio Show"
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    There are a TON of things you can outsource. It can be difficult to think of things at first, but once you sit down and brainstorm you may be surprised at how much you come up with.

    * SEO
    * Distributing articles (have a qualified writer write them, then send to your guys to distribute)
    * Building links via blog comments, which they are already doing
    * Creating videos and distributing those via Traffic Geyser or TubeMogul
    * Posting to social bookmarking sites
    * Posting content on social sharing sites like Hubpages, Squidoo, etc.
    * Tracking your stats and sending you a daily/hourly report of your stats
    * Tracking your Google rankings and sending you daily/weekly reports of your rankings
    * Tracking your name or product name using Google Alerts and notifying you of anything bad being written about you or your product so you can manage it
    * Determining if your Twitter followers are real or spam, then following the real ones
    * Doing very simple web design, creating basic forms, basic pages, etc.
    * Keyword research to find more keywords for you to target
    * Registering domain names if that is something you do often
    * Start an affiliate program and have them start emailing affiliates asking them to join (create a generic email for them to customize with the person's name and send to them)
    * Post content to your website
    * Distribute press releases (again, have someone else write them, but have them distribute)
    * Distribute PDFs to Scribd and Docstoc
    * Post videos to your website/blog

    Basically anything you do on a pretty regular basis that doesn't require your knowledge or expertise. Something that you can teach another person without them needing a whole lot of experience to be able to do it.

    I recommend creating a list of everything you do on a daily basis, then analyze every single thing you do to determine if it's something you specifically have to do, or if it's something you could teach someone else to do.
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      Some of the tasks that you can outsource include:

      website design
      graphic design
      content and product creation (articles, reports, ebooks, audios, videos, software)
      website script programming and installation
      PPC management
      press releases
      product fulfillment
      customer support

      Any task that enables you to save time and money through outsourcing can be outsourced.

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    They can do everthing from videos, social bookmarking, article submission(if they can't write them) press releases, directory submissions, url submissions, etc..anything that produces FREE traffic. As we all know the more incoming links pointing towards your website the better..I don't think they should be given a set amount of blogs comments to do everyday, rather they should do as many as possible in a certain amount of time per day. You will get more out of it this way and keep them busy...

    Ken Davis
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    I pretty much try and have most everything outsource, most all of the little aspects of keeping up with sites and keeping them high-up in the serps, I just don't have time to babysit them all. I guess it really all depends on how much time you have on your hands.
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    Alright, I have some traffic procedures setup for my workers.

    Blog commenting, forum commenting, some other ad submissions.

    I don't have time to train them more right now since I'm going traveling tomorrow, but I did setup a project management system for them. It so much easier to keep track of the work they are doing now and I can set them up with recurring daily tasks that they check off when complete. Thumbs up for project management - getting emails all the time with status updates drives me crazy since I have to keep monitoring it.

    Thanks for the ideas people. I guess my 3 workers will get a breezy few weeks where they don't have to do much.
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    They are all right. Start blogging and join forums. And there are many sites that you can submit articles. Social bookmarking also is a big help.
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    They can as well do some banner ads placing from time to time. Search for websites to put your banners on, contact the owners, set the price, get the banner ready, track its conversions, etc.
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    Think the first thing we do is figure out what actions lead to the most money in your pocket.

    Then decide which of these is the most repetitive and outsource those.
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    We offer outsourcing virtual assistant services, so feel free to check out our list of 100+ tasks for more ideas:

    100+ Ways to Benefit from Outsourcing with Our Virtual Assistant Services
    Get customized help:100+ Ways / Support / Warrior4Hire Specials!

    Save & Share: Best Buys / Top Tasks / blog / MAP / Recurring $
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    You could write (or have written) articles, have your employees spinn them and post them. They could do daily social bookmarking, video promotion, extract lists of targeted customers/emails, promote your ebook in all online stores... The list is endless!

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