Would a single product site work?

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I have come across a product which I use myself at home. It amazing, far better than alternatives that people generally use. The product in question isn't expensive either, though around two or three times the price of the regular compeitition. The compeititon on google is low. I am sure if I do a really good review (from my own personal experience) I can sell loads of units. Will a four-five page site work? To be fair, I think a five page site will be a stretch. Before anyone says to build a list I got to tell you this isn't a product worth builidng a list for. I think the best way to monetise is to do build a dropship relationship with supplier or affiliate with Amazon. Or to increase margins, buy in bulk, then sell on Amazon and eBay. The latter method is not an option for me (beause of storage issues). I could have perhaps done some PPC if I sold directly, but the margins thorugh affiliating will probably be too low to make it worthwhile.
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    If the margins are very low then building a whole site around a single product probably won't be worth it.

    But in general, building a site for a single product can work. But your site won't do well nowadays as a "micro niche site" with only ~5 pages. Google has been punishing tiny websites like that for a long time now. So unless you can build an impressive amount of links to a tiny site, it isn't going to rank well very easily.
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      Are there no complimentary products to make a fuller site?

      "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    Perhaps you could start with one product-usually what happens is more will flow.
    One other option would be to utilize youtube and link it to a facebook page if you are really low on cash. You will find that people in your community will share with others and you may even get those sales with friends and family.
    Sometimes when you are starting out(if that is the case) it's good to give things a test run with social media that is already available and for free. Then you can take it to the next level. It's not usually recommended to use free blog sites, but hey if you are stuck for cash it is better to get the ball rolling then not at all. You could take the capital you make from those sales and begin to use paid services with it.
    Oh and maybe don't worry too much about ranking with SEO in the beginning. People find you through other ways like - solo ads for this service and generating a buzz is key to make somethng stick. Be real about your product that you are so passionate about. You-tube it! Publish a blog daily on facebook. Get going in other ways first -Hope this helps Jennifer

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    I'm assuming this is a supplement for either health or fitness or something similar.

    Sell them in bundles: 1 for $25, $3 for $49, 6 for $89 or whatever pricing makes sense based on your martins. Most people will buy the middle package and you'll have an automatic 'upsell' and 3 products.

    See if you can "private label" the product and you will control the pricing not and sales platforms can sell it for more as a branded product.

    Also, don't knock building a list just because it's one product. You can get people on that list and funnel them back. When someone buys a 3 month supply from you, check on their results, how they're doing and when that 3 month supply ends remind them it's time to reorder.
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    I would still build z website around it.

    And add some similar products to it.

    A good website is not for just some weeks, but for years.


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      Originally Posted by allegandro View Post

      I would still build z website around it.

      And add some similar products to it.

      A good website is not for just some weeks, but for years.
      Good point. I could perhaps build the initial 4-5 pages, then expand when I get better ideas. No, it's not a herbal product. I am staying away from those now. It's a very interesting niche (not in health). The product in question has little competition, partly because so few people have tried it and know how good it is. Great thing about it is it is something people will always want.

      The selfish me talking now, I don't want the product becoming mainstream since it will start attracting competition should the word get around about how good it is. If it remains a niche product, then a smaller but a nice passive income from it is possible for some years to come.
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    niche websites are an excellent idea, in my opinion. If you use a low competition, but good volume product on Amazon, or even a product on your own 5 page site, you can do well. Off site assets (like Amazon) can rank easily because of their domain authority. You can pump a tonne of strategic links toward the page without fear on penalty.

    It usually comes down to well chosen keywords.
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      There are really very few Products I can think of that do not have some sort of cross selling products or complimentary products that could be available.

      I think it is worth looking into. You will be cutting yourself short if you don't

      - Robert Andrew

      Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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    It has become really hard to rank thin websites. But since you plan only 5 pages it is worth a try because you will not be investing much of your efforts anyway in this site. But very hard to stick in the search engine rankings for such sites now.
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    Being not a marketer but rather a software author, I have a single product website (see my signature) and my own opinion is : single product is right if you become an expert (ie. if you know more than others about it, its use, its field, its purpose and reason why) and talk about it with added value (your expertise). For example, someone being not in the publishing or writing domain will have more difficulty to sell Dedee (my software) rather than someone being a prescriptor in this specific domain. Less you have products more you need to appear as an authority! What I am in my specific field ^^

    And my site about Dedee is a one-page one (even if I plan to separate the blog part for a better indexation of every article); excluding the pages about affiliates/partnership..
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    Build the site and create videos. Let the videos do the ranking for you and link to your site for final sales execution.

    Hard time to keep promoting business? Don't worry!
    . . . . . Let me help cutting your ad production cost! . . . . .
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    It's in your best interest to offer more than 1 product. Sounds like you should get started on your product and project since you're enthusiastic about it. Hope it works. Make sure you know your math.
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    Why not build a one page site and forget about seo. Since there is low competition (your words), your cost per click should be very low!
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