What are the Key Areas of Internet Marketing?

by Kudek
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They say that in any profession you can usually break it down to under 9 key areas that you must master.

For example, the sales process can be broken down to:
1. Prospecting
2. Initial Contact
3. Sales Presentation
4. Handling Objections
5. Closing the Sale
6. Follow-Up and Service after the Sale

So what are the ones for Internet marketing? As a beginner, I want to know what the major areas that I need to focus on are. It's too easy with this kind of thing to get bogged down on the little details, tricks and techniques. I want to know the big themes!

Here are the ones I know so far, as a beginner:
- Market research
- Product creation (unless affiliate marketing)
- Content creation
- Copywriting for conversions
- Testing
- Outsourcing/Automation (for all of the above as much as possible)

I'm probably missing something. What are your lists?
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