where did my resource box go wrong?

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Hi warriors,
I've been writing articles for a while, and I'm just reaching 1000 views on EZA, I even had some articles published and a few are ranked pretty well on the SERPs

I only have 30 URL clicks!

is there anything I can do to increase those numbers?
I think my articles are good, I get positive comments in my blog and I don't get why people don't click the links.

any help will be appreciated
thank you,
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    Would help if you post a sample article and resource box. Otherwise quite hard to give any advice you could use.

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      Instead of just posting the URL, you could always make it a hyperlink that gives a call to action and masks the URL. Just think you could have it say things like:

      "CLICK HERE"

      "FREE EBOOK"



      Just let me know if you need help with the html code....

      hope this helps you out

      Great Information for Internet marketing
      not to mention how to build websites - FREE

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    I would let the article flow into the resource box. Instead of a definite end to the article let the reader assume the resource box is part of the article. In your example - instead of saying 'good luck' and signing your name and then offering the report, simply move into describing the relationship of psychology and eating. Then say they can get a report at the site.

    You have given them a perfect place to stop reading.
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    I agree with Debbie. You told them when to stop reading. Have the resource box seem like part of the article.
    Plus, you have to start the sales pitch in the resource box not in the squeeze page. You have over 300 words to make the pitch to them. It's your only chance. Once they click away they're gone forever.
    And remember... BENEFITS. Not features. Not lists of what info is in the report. What's in it for them. What will they get out of it. How will it help them to feel better.

    "you got to keep fighting, keep believing and never give up in order to succeed"
    Tim Gorman

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    thank you guys,
    now that I think of it, I really didn't pay enough attention to "selling" my free report in my resource box.

    I'll start working on all your advices

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