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by IuliaT
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I hope this is the correct place to introduce myself - please move if not

I'm a self employed typesetter looking for another income stream.

I don't mind starting small - I'm not one of these people who expect to make millions next week

I know my way round computers a bit, and I've bought and sold ebay, aliexpress etc.

I'm looking at internet marketing as I want to work as far as possible from home.

So - after reading this forum a bit I joined Bring the Fresh.

Some AWESOME information - I've read the initial guide a few times and gone from

huh??? to beginning to get it.

Only flaw is there seems a lot of things you need to join or download like market samurai, registercompass etc.

I'm not naive, I don't expect a free lunch (or not one that tastes very good) I'm just nervous to get my hopes up. Like most people I've been fooled before.

I know there are legit ways of making money online, I just want to start learning them.

I'd rather find something legit that makes £200 a month (I'm in uk by the way) than chase a scam that promises thousands a day. Though I'm sure you can make that kind of money if you know what you are doing. But I don't yet.

So hi everyone looking forward to learning and joining in. Any advice welcome.
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    Firstly, look around. There are a few "sub forums" that deal with specific topics.
    The Main forum is "where we talk about making money".

    Secondly, learn to use the search function. Guaranteed that 99.999 % of any question you may have has been answered.

    Don't fall into the same trap as many do, there are usually alternatives to buying. Market Samurai is what i and thousands of others started with but the Google Keyword Planner is free and just fine for your needs...

    Another example, register compass, i used it and it's a great tool but expireddomains.net is again free and will do the job...

    Another free service which i recommend is afillorama.com, i started with Mark and always recommend his site as an extra learning service...

    Lastly, you seem to have a realistic approach to IM, a lot of people come here with grandiose plans and unrealistic expectations...

    It's very difficult to make a comfortable living online,don't get caught-up in the hype and keep in mind that many are here to ake money and don't have your best interest in mind...
    Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

    ― George Carlin
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      That's very helpful thanks.

      I didn't see anywhere obvious to post an intro, but thought it was usual forum etiquette to say hi before asking questions

      I've always believed in having multiple income streams whatever your 'job' is, and I guess if I can figure out how to make a couple of hundred a month I can do it again, or do it bigger.

      I will be having a good old read. A lot of its overwhelming at the moment.

      I'll check out the other stuff you mentioned thanks
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        Hey lulia and Welcome

        I have been with BTF for over 5 years now. Its a great overall program. You do not have to purchase Market Samurai. Although it will only help you.

        I would go and review some of those videos Kelly has done. The most recent ones that is. There are tidbits of gold in there.


        - Robert Andrew
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          Thanks as I said I thought the BTF info was great, and I'm still working my way through the vids ...

          its not really purchasing one thing that's the problem, just there seem to be so many recommended tools. Which in one way is good

          just scared I buy them all and then can't make it work
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    Hi! And welcome to the forum!
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    Welcome to the Forum

    Don't skip around buying products all over the place. Been there. Done that. Wasted thousands of dollars like everyone on here (I am quite sure). There really is a bunch of free stuff but don't even do that until you decide the following:

    What do you want to do? What are you passionate about?

    You have to decide if you want to do a blog, be a writer, become the go-to person in a particular niche? Take your time to map this out. And then stick with it. Don't jump around.

    Have you written everything down from your background to see what pops up as your specialty?

    Don't try to be something in a niche you don't care about just because it appears to make money. If your heart isn't in it, it will definitely show.

    Learn to give before taking.

    Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value ~ Albert Einstein

    There is no "easy way" to riches in IM unless you are that extreme go-getter and know what you want and how to get it. It takes a map or plan. The big guys didn't get there overnight but did the time, did their research and nailed it.

    I hope this helps

    Dianne Humphries

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    Finally, a newbie with realistic goals!!!


    While I am not familiar with BTF, Market Samurai is a great tool once you know the ropes.

    There are many windows here, and as such, many different opportunities discussed for what could be compared to different lifestyles or life choice senarios.

    There are fewer doors that lead to success, and in time, with the proper mindset, I am sure you will begin 'unlocking' those doors.

    Some recommend starting with 'services' (i.e. writing, creating logos, design, etc...) depending on whether or not you already have a skill useful to the online community.

    I am not against per se, but creating another job... Not my cup of tea!

    Pay-per-click (ppc) is a top pick of many... But you will need some web experience to create a landing page, before sending that traffic to affiliate offers, or risk losing your ad accounts.

    I just wanted to write...and 4 years later, this forum has advanced me from 'computer illiterate' to well-versed in several IM aspects of study.

    In my opinion, start with affiliate products and services, mixing it up with free and paid advertising, and really study what successful product creators do with email, ppc, joint ventures, blogging, and the psychology behind giving value & helping others... The master key to success rests within that process, and will open any door.

    Oh, and be patient... The learning curve may seem to never end, but eventually it all comes into focus, if you stick it out!

    Again, welcome and good luck to you!

    All the Best,

    Atop a tree with Buddha ain't a bad place to take rest!
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    I'd highly recommend finding super high-quality blogs and devouring every ounce of content available.

    Niche Pursuits, Backlinko, Matthew Woodward, Quick Sprout -- all fantastic resources with tons of information to learn.

    Beware of anyone trying to sell you something, and be equally suspicious of forum members. While some of the sharpest minds in marketing hang out on here, there's an equal amount of misinformation. Forums are great for ideas, but do your own research on everything you hear.
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      Welcome to the WF Lulia.

      You are off to a great start because you have not spent a lot of money yet on IM, you seem to have realistic expectations, and you understand that there will be work involved in making money.

      I would suggest you continue to spend some time learning and observing and don't feel that you need to spend money just yet. You can do a lot of prep work right here on the WF before you need to spend just a little (for a domain name, web hosting, autoresponder, etc).

      As you begin your education here, use the search function to read about various topics that interest you. There are a lot of great threads here but be sure to not believe everything your read. Public forums attract a lot of posers, newbies (that aren't qualified to guide you on anything), and know-it-alls that fake understanding lots of subjects.

      Study the marketplaces that interest you and learn what problems, needs, and desires people are expressing in those markets. As you contemplate what you will sell (products) or provide as a service for a fee, focus on finding solutions to the problems, needs, and desires of the marketplace. This is called market "demand." It's essential to understand what that is so you can sell into that demand.

      Also, assess your own personality, skills, education, training, past experience, knowledge, hobbies, and those things that you are good at doing. If you choose one of your strengths as the subject of your own business, you will have an advantage over and been seen as an expert by prospects in your market.

      Anyway, the very best to you and good luck in your IM career.


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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        Thank you everyone great advice
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    Hi and welcome to the forum! There's alot of information to search through here. Your best bet is to find some good free books in the War Room, and study them. They will probably have the same recurring theme:

    1) Niche
    2) Squeeze page
    3) Traffic
    4) Email marketing
    5) Sales
    6) Backend marketing

    Simple. Good luck!
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      I too am starting out so these posts have been very informative thank you everyone!
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    Originally Posted by IuliaT View Post

    I'd rather find something legit that makes £200 a month (I'm in uk by the way) than chase a scam that promises thousands a day. Though I'm sure you can make that kind of money if you know what you are doing. But I don't yet.
    When I read this part... this is what my face did --->

    Simply great outlook!
    It is far better to start off and make pocket change as you're learning than to lose your shirt.

    There are free alternatives to just about anything you'll find offered as a paid service. Sure they might not have the bells and whistles but in many cases they will get the job done.

    Remember this search term:

    "bla bla bla" alternative


    "bla bla bla" free alternative.

    Then have a look around. You'll usually find blogs that have lists of these things and you can find some really cool resources that way. Once you're making more money you can turn around and pay for the fancy stuff if you decide you want to
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      Cheers everyone
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