Webinar questions + affiliate + listing :) Need some informations

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Hello Dear Members of the Warrior Forum
How are you doing ?

I find difficult to get some informations about listing of webinars who are hold online for different kind of online opportunities like making money online,internet marketing,

I am looking actually for ressources, links about online opportunities that are promoted through webinar to potential clients. I would like to promote them and be affiliate and promote their webinar link or landing page that bring to their webinar with my affiliate link.

So yes, i would like to find a way to get some informations about those people who promote and sell their services, products, business through webinar and who are looking for affiliate to promote as well what they do to potential clients online

I would like to know if any of you on the forum could give me some directions, directory, online magazine or ideas or even online business you know and that you can recommend me.I will really appreciate if you could give me some directions and links. I wish to everyone here a very good day.

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