If You're An Introvert And You Wanna Make Money Online, This Is For You

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Look. If you're anything like me, then your favorite person is you. Not in a bad way or anything like that, but you'd rather hang out by yourself, and curl up with a good book, than go to a party.

Does that ring true? It certainly does for me.

As a result...

Talking to other people kind of freaks me out sometimes. Why? Because I don't practice it. I'm truly awful at it, sometimes. But I'm not great at it when I'm good either. I just don't think about it!

So when it comes time to talk to people...

Wow! That's outside the comfort zone!

The problem is... business suffers.

So what I'm about to say...

This post is for anyone who isn't a natural "people person". In fact, this is an insight I've had over and over again. It's a "success secret" that I tend to neglect due to my introverted nature.

And I wanted to share it with you.

Just in case you're like me.

Look. You probably didn't get online JUST to make money. Yeah you want to be your own boss. But really, you want to prove you can be successful... on your own!

You want to be self-made. Independent.

Totally independent.

It's kind of weird. People who are naturally extroverted simply don't understand this mentality. Talking to another person is good fun. It gives them more energy and they feel great doing it.

Us, on the other hand, we renew our energy in solitude. Often, talking to someone taxes our system. Mentally, physically and emotionally. We prefer to hang out with ourselves.

But if you want to build a successful business online...

It takes more than having "clarity" of your outcome.

It takes more than knowing you want to be your own boss. It takes more than know you want to quit your job. It takes more than knowing you need to get traffic and leads to your website.


When we're first starting out, we would all love to make $50 to $100 a day without talking to anyone. We would love to start making money TODAY. Secretly. Without the world knowing about it.

We'd love to get fast results, to break five or six figures, to make a bunch of money without having to network like crazy or learn every skills there is to know in Internet marketing.

But if we're honest with ourselves...

We'd be happy with enough money to comfortably pay the bills, and prove to our friends and family that we really can make money and be successful online.

The problem is...

All the money you will ever have in life is currently in the pocket of another person. Money comes from people. People buy products and services. Not companies. Not corporations.

All money comes from people.

You literally cannot do this on your own.

Technically speaking, even if you're not networking, even if you're not connecting with people and partners who can take your business to the next level...

You still need to understand THE CUSTOMER.

There's only a few ways to get money in life...

You can beg strangers, family, or friends.

You can borrow from others.

You can steal.

You can trade your time at a job...

Or you can trade a product or service.

That's pretty much the universe. And guess what?

They all have to do with people.

There's a scene in the movie Nightcrawler where Jake Gyllenhaal steals someone's souped up bicycle off the side of the road in order to buy a video camera for his start-up news business.

Where did that bike come from?

A person made it.

A person owned it.

Where did he get the money for the bike?

A person at a pawn shop traded him money for the bike.

If you want to be successful online, all the money you're ever going to have, must be traded to you, by another person, in exchange for a product or service.

There's no getting around this fact.

It doesn't matter if you want to make money with CPA offers,with solo ads, with Google Adsense, with digital products, by filling out surveys, by freelancing, by selling WSO's...

At the end of the day, there has to be another person on the other side of that transaction who is willing to pay you money either for your time or for a product of value to them.

It doesn't matter if you sell your own products, or sell as an affiliate...

You need to know what's motivating that person to buy. You need to be able to climb into their head and see things from their point of view. You need to know them inside and out.

The buyer.

And the best way to get this information, bar none, is to actually talk to people. And ask them what their specific challenges and frustrations are, with the thing they want to buy from you.

Because they will FLAT-OUT tell you!

In THEIR language!

Language that will GET THEIR ATTENTION.

And others just like them with the same problem.


You're just grasping at straws and shooting in the dark. And taking blind guesses will seriously reduce the power of every single "marketing action" you take online.

It's called marketing for a reason.

It's all about the market.

I've never made more money in my life, whether I was selling online or offline, on the phone or in person, whether I was working for someone else, whether I had to beg for it or borrow it...

Then when I first climbed into the head of the other person.

And saw it from their point of view.

And framed everything I said to them, first, with their interests in mind.

And it's never easier to do so than after talking to them, and finding out exactly what their unique problems, challenges, and frustrations are that THEY would like to solve.

So look. You can't do this on your own.

Not totally. Not 100%. Not entirely.

Don't like to network with others?


Just wanna post a few ads on some sites and watch the traffic roll in?


Just want to sell some affiliate products without doing customers support or talking to people?


But you better know...

You better know what the person on the other side of that transaction wants.

What does the person you're hoping to network with, want? What does the website owner you want to buy an ad from, want? What does the person buying your affiliate product, want?

If you don't know...

If you don't know what they want...

Your campaigns are much more likely to fail. And because you won't talk to anyone to figure out what went wrong, you won't know what went wrong, and you'll think it doesn't work.

But it does work.

Look around you. If you're new, and you're introverted, and you like to hang back, and search, and read, and learn information from the safety of sitting behind your computer...

Then you at least see all people around you making money.

Guess what?

Everyone making the most money online knows two things: 1) where their money is coming from, e.g. other people and 2) how to powerfully appeal to those people who are giving it to them.

That's it.

It makes getting traffic so much easier.

It makes selling your product so much easier.

It makes writing any piece of content so much easier.

But you know what it doesn't make easier?

Knowing this:

This knowledge won't "fix" your human nature. There's nothing to fix. There's nothing wrong with enjoying spending time with yourself. There's nothing wrong with it at all.

Successful introverts will attest that this fact is true.

But they will also tell you this...

Just because they prefer to spend time with themselves, doesn't remove the fact that all their money is coming from someone else. So they better understand that person dearly.

They might not want to hang out with a whole bunch of people at once...

And they might not go around patting everyone on the back...

And they might not feel "comfortable" in group settings...

But they at least know one thing.

They know how money moves. And they know where their money comes from. They know it comes from other people, and it moves towards them in exchange for value to that other person.

Some form of value.

To another person.

I've only ever made money when I've "climbed" into the other person's head and asked myself...

"What does this person really truly want?"

"Can I solve their problem for them?"

"Can I offer them a solution?"

"Am I willing to provide it?"

I don't care if it's your boss or your customer. I've always been the highest paid employee in any "normal job" I've ever had because I sucked up my pride and ego and got into the head of my boss.

And I hate working for others.

Get into this mentality and you will make money. The mentality of helping someone else. There's an incredibly successful marketer in my town, Ray Higdon, and I'll never forget these words he told me:

Fill needs, create value, solve problems, and you will receive compensation.

In other words...

Fill needs for OTHER PEOPLE.

Create value for OTHER PEOPLE.

Solve problems for OTHER PEOPLE.

You can't skip this step. There is no easy button. There is no push-button software that will remove the need to understand the person on the other side of the transaction.

You got to pick a person to serve...

And you got to understand what their needs, interests and desires.

Otherwise you'll never make any money.

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    Thanks Marc.

    I think you point out some good things.

    IM is pretty cool in that people who do love their solitude can flourish.

    Even if you truly want to make millions there are people in IM who have done that and did not have to have Webinars with 500 people in Colorado or Master Mind Classes held at Venice Beach.

    No siree, you can be a no namer sitting behind his computer and still make a Mint.

    Its up to that individual. But it is important to realize as you point out that even for us introverts we still must engage with our customers whether it be close up or from a far.

    Its just mandatory !!

    You did strike a chord with me. I do love being around my family and going out and having fun around people.

    But I must admit I love my "loneliness" as well. Its something that the true Extrovert will never quite be able to fully grasp

    Thank goodness this World is full of different and interesting people

    Otherwise it would be hugely boring

    - Robert Andrew
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  • Profile picture of the author Steve B

    Said another way, in simple and precise terms . . .

    IM is all about the customer. "WIIFM" What's in it for me.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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  • Profile picture of the author Gambino
    I stopped reading after the first 162 paragraphs didn't really go anywhere. so thanks for the cliff notes version, Steve.

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    Join our affiliate program and earn 15% commissions here: Become an Affiliate

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    Great points Marc.
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  • Profile picture of the author Regional Warrior

    What book did you copy that from I have seen the same else where!
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  • Profile picture of the author coffeediva
    All my family are introverts and I just don't get it but Steve B said it right it is all about the customer.
    People relate to people and whether you are an introvert or not there will be people who will resonate with you and these will be your best customers
    Thanks for the post Marc
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