How to find best ClickBank VSL copywriter?

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Hey everyone, I'm looking for the best ClickBank copywriter to craft me a killer VSL for our diet product. Can anyone point me to the right direction or give me a name or something?
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    Can anyone else suggest names, places and point me in to the right direction? There is ton of products on CB, and someone had to write them and I need that person! Willing to pay premium price!
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    You're willing to pay a premium price? Okay then.

    Chris Haddad.

    Disclaimer: If you can get him to say yes.
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    Is Chris Haddad for hire? Anyone knows how to reach him?

    Any other top names and recommendations that anyone can bring up?
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      I'd like to throw my hat in the ring. I've worked on a number of 30 mins VSLs recently for fitness, weight loss, golf and imminently working on VSLs for skincare and nootropics (60 mins documentary style). So a varied bunch. I believe the fitness VSL is converting 70% of people who get to the end, and we're seeing similar numbers for the golf sales page.

      I'd be happy to submit a proposal free of charge, outlining the structure, along with time and cost estimate,

      Matt Ambrose Direct Response Copywriter

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    You may want to check this FB group. Lot of great copywriters
    there, including Chris.

    -Ray Edwards
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    Have you filled this need? I'm happy to help.

    skype: melissa17tx
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    Did you check in Warrior For Hire yet? No matter who you choose.... make it entertaining, and make your voice entertaining in the VSL you create.
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