Alternative to CPV Lab?

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CPV Lab is very expensive $297 for one domain.

Any suggestions for an alternative tracker?
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    Prosper 202 is free.

    ClickMagick is also pretty good and has a free trial and low monthly costs.
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    love clickmagick, thats my go to tracking service, also voluum is pretty good
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    Each tracking software presents its pros and cons. Obviously what really matters is what your main challenge is. Pricing? Technical? Integrations? Volume of traffic? Security? Scalability?

    I cant speak for the other trackers, but if what concerns you is the number of domains you can work with, trackingdesk allows you to add as many as you want and allow you to chose from which domains you want to run campaigns individually.

    If the concern is technical then, our platform is already integrated with thousands of affiliate programs and over 50 traffic sources, so you have literally nothing to do technically to get setup.

    If the concern is the volume of traffic, our platform runs on cloudfront / amazon / google cloud so you have unlimited scalability.

    pm me if you would like to have a walk through the platform.

    Good luck!


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    I used prosper202 for years. Then I got increasingly confused by my funnels.

    Couldn't remember which link pointed to which offer/rotator/etc.

    I reached the point to where I realized I had to build a visual map of my funnels.

    So I bought a mindmapper product - Mindjet MindManager.

    It worked. I could finally make sense of all my CPA & Clickbank offers, redirects, review articles, squeezepages, etc. I had a nice mindmap diagram of everything.

    The problem was it was very kludgy & incredibly time-consuming. Rube Goldberg on steroids.

    And the worst part? There was still no way to keep track of customer-lifetime-value.

    So I bought this crazy 300-page pdf teaching how to re-program prosper202 so it could do that and other things I needed.

    I got halfway thru re-programming prosper202 when this past March I discovered Funnel Flux. It has revolutionized my funnel-building.

    I am making more money than I ever thought possible. Due to this program.

    PS: Beware any tracking solution that you don't host yourself. I guarantee the scumbags will steal your data.

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    Originally Posted by info126 View Post

    CPV Lab is very expensive $297 for one domain.

    Any suggestions for an alternative tracker?
    Expensive? If you're going to be running paid traffic the last thing you need to worry about is paying $297 for a tracker. That's CHEAP in comparison to what you need to be spending buying media.

    P202 is a good free solution but a lot of our customers also use iMobiTrax.

    They're all good solutions though, some have different features, but like I say if you're worrying about the cost of your tracker you should prob re-evaluate running paid traffic .
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