When is someone no longer considered a newbie?

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Just sitting around today contemplating many things when I asked myself "when is someone no longer considered a newbie?"

Then I asked myself "if they are no longer considered a newbie - then what title do we give them to differentiate them from the newbies?"

I have made a full time living off the internet since 2001 and went from being a total newbie to being a newbie when it came to certain skills even though I was supporting myself and my family.

So I ask you fellow warriors that have nothing better to do - when does one stop being a newbie and becoming... well what would they become?

I gotta stop sitting around thinking about stuff...
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    If they are no longer a "newbie" then I guess the logical label would be "dormant".

    I agree with your point about always being new at SOMETHING - if not, then your business isn't growing.

    All the best,

    "Ich bin en fuego!"
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    Sorry about the one liner but: newbie = learner.

    We're always newbies into something.
    People make good money selling to the rich. But the rich got rich selling to the masses.
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      Originally Posted by Fernando Veloso View Post


      Sorry about the one liner but: newbie = learner.

      We're always newbies into something.
      Yep. And if you're not then you need to start learning.
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    I think when you reach your ORIGINAL goal, you are no longer a newbie. Like if your original goal was to quit your day job and do IM full time, and you are doing that you are no longer a newbie. My goal is to make $1 million. If I make that much, and am still calling myself a newbie, you all have my advance permission to slap me. If you have no goals, I guess you can stay a newbie forever.

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    I try my best to become a n00b at something every week.

    If I'm not a n00b, I'd get bored real easy.



    Bare Murkage.........

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      Originally Posted by JayXtreme View Post

      I try my best to become a n00b at something every week.

      If I'm not a n00b, I'd get bored real easy.


      Hi Jay,
      I agree, not only would I get bored I'd probably would be dead!
      Long live the newbie [n00b]

      Maya's Own
      Living green made simple and easy @ Green Living Temple
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      I agree, you should always be a newbie in some form or another in the Internet Marketing arena. You should always be trying to learn and master a new craft, however, keeping in mind the constant changing evolution of marketing field. Knowledge is Power . . .
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    I think you're no longer a newbie when you stop calling yourself a newbie and start thinking and acting like an internet marketer. I found when I did that, my business moved forward a lot quicker. As already pointed out, we're always learning something new, which is a good thing. Stretching, growing, getting out of our comfortable spots is how we move forward.

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    That's right. To be a general internet marketing noob I would say you are just learning the basics and have generally made no money as of yet. Once you start making quite a few dollars, ie - $1500+ per month then I'd say your are more on the intermediate level.

    However... all experienced internet marketers are noobs when it comes to different aspects of marketing. I'm a noob when it comes to lots of things. It's fun learning though and it can only be a good thing to broaden your horizens and get stuck into some new angle of internet marketing.

    There is so much to learn and the internet is ALWAYS evolving so to some degree, we will always be noobs.
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    There's a funny story about a student and a Zen Master.

    "Master when will I enter nirvana?" the student asked.
    "Are you still breathing?" the master said. "Then you still have a long way to go!"

    I agree, we are all newbies one way or another..

    The only difference is the size of our wallets..And mine seems a bit thin these days :-)

    To Your Success!

    Raul Omar Diaz
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      You're no longer a newbie when you are making money consistently and understand how and why you're making money.

      When you understand exactly how to generate targeted traffic and how to turn those people into buyers then you're no longer a newbie.
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    I dont know, but do we call them "oldies" then?
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    I agree with several others in the fact that I will always consider myself a newbie becuase I always want to continue to learn. I have been in the IT/Computer/Web Design business for just over 12 years but I still consider myself a newbie....

    Just my 2 cents.....
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  • Profile picture of the author Debbie Allen
    I'm still a 'newbie' and I hope I always feel that way! Learning is what keeps this interesting.

    I think the mindset of being in a perpetual state of learning helps to keep us all humble. There are so many things to learn about and just when you think you've mastered something you find out there's a new and better technique to use.
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    I think you can stop calling yourself a newbie when you can accurately explain something to a complete newbie. I don't mean simply parroting something you heard someone else say, but confidently explain how something works.

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    • Profile picture of the author Mike Shain
      Wow that's a lot of great replies - thank you!

      I hope this thread has made you stop and think (if only for a second) about where you are, where you were and where you are headed in your online businesses.

      I also hope this shows those new to making money online that they are not alone - that many still consider themselves newbies at something.

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  • Profile picture of the author Gail Sober
    To me, no longer being a newbie means that any success you've had is neither by accident nor a fluke. You could start from scratch tomorrow and start making money.
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    we will always be newbies when we are introduced to new things. like Fernando said Learners=newbies or is it the other way round
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    You're definitely always a newbie in one field or another in life. You'll always be learning something, even if you don't realize it.

    But then again, you could look at it another way and realize that you're a guru or pro in one field that someone could learn from you. So it's crazy because you're always going to be a newbie and a guru and anytime in your life.

    Just think about the things that seem super simple to you... well those same things might be something out of this world for others. If you look back on stuff like that, then you'll realize when you've become a step above a newbie.
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    calling oneself a noob is a state of mind.

    You can be "new" at something, but in IM, it generally means
    "you have no business doing this or that if you've never made this or that".

    I'm a newbie in a lot of areas in business, and I too get bored
    easily if I felt like I knew everything.

    newbies think they have to study and read alot of stuff before they can
    call themselves knowledgeble on a subject. But really, it's that persons
    choice to make.

    When your waiting for someone to give you permission or the power to
    think on the advanced level, you will always be waiting (procrastinating)
    because you don't have the confidence to move forward on plan.

    I was a newbie with ebay 2 months ago, but I didn't let that stop me.

    I grabbed my sack, went into it, and I would say I've gotten pretty damn
    good at funneling money into my bank account.

    It's a decision to become a respected expert that one would consider
    themselves NOT to be a noob
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      I think that you are no longer a newbie when you have built
      a couple of trafficated websites, created one or two products,
      collected 1000+ subscribers and made more than $10000 through
      your own efforts. This will usually take at least 1 year to achieve,
      so it would be wrong to still be called a newbie after that.
      No links :)
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      • Profile picture of the author Steven Wagenheim
        When I stop learning.

        Hopefully, that day will never come.
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        • Profile picture of the author badfun
          Originally Posted by Steven Wagenheim View Post

          When I stop learning.

          Hopefully, that day will never come.
          Well it will come Steven, but then you won't care anymore.

          I love all the zen answers in this thread.

          Definately keep "the beginners mind" no matter what you are doing.
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    Well, you're getting a lot of "you're always a newbie ... never stop learning" stuff. It's true, never stop learning, but one thing in particular defines a newbie to me and that is their constant quest for the secret blueprint to success. You are no longer a newbie when you've discovered that there is no secret blueprint and you have to make your own.
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  • Profile picture of the author martysilver22
    Newbie is just a term that people use to label other people. It really doesn't have much weight, and it only matters (somewhat) on the internet. I would say you're not a newbie anymore when other people don't think of you as one, but then again, everyone will always have their own opinion. So what matters is how regard yourself.
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  • Profile picture of the author rmholla
    I don't think that just because a person is constantly learning that they can be classified a "newbie." Sure we should all strive to learn something new every day but learning to drive a motorcycle isn't hard to pick up once you have already mastered a bicycle. You have drastically reduced the learning curve. Learning to drive a big truck isn't nearly as hard or frightening once you have a few years of automobile driving under your belt but to a 16 year old kid it would be a HUGE step to go from never driving to trying to park a tractor trailer or navigate it through town.

    I see "newbies" as the people who are just learning to drive a car, not someone building on that skill by learning to drive a different type of vehicle.

    Once you learn how the internet works and how certain things work online, such as being able to trigger Google to spider your site right away, how to write ads, how to pick the best affiliates to promote, etc etc then everything else you may learn that is "new" to you is like starting the race to master it half way to the finish line.
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  • Profile picture of the author Easy Cash
    You stop being a newbie when you make your first sale to newbies......
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  • Profile picture of the author masonpan
    As a newbie looking at guys like yourself who have managed to get to the point of earning a living doing this I have to say my thought s are that you stop being a newbie when you have time to sit and think of strands like this rather than pulling your hair out trying to learn something new. (and that meant in the nicest possible way) and Jay, I love the S. Vetal one liner
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    • Profile picture of the author John Romaine
      Personally, I think when you are confident enough to begin mentoring.

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      • Profile picture of the author RichGal
        I think you are not a newbie anymore as soon as you start unsubscribing from all the "internet marketing gurus" email lists
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        • Profile picture of the author megashape
          Originally Posted by RichGal View Post

          I think you are not a newbie anymore as soon as you start unsubscribing from all the "internet marketing gurus" email lists
          nice one

          I think you all guys looking at that from abstract perspective, and come on,
          when you really feel that you can make money online,
          and have enough knowledge to even help someone out,
          you can consider it as an post-noob stage.
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  • Profile picture of the author MustafaKamal
    Newbies is just a label (like a sticker) that people put on themselves (or others).

    IMO, the whole internet marketing journey is an everyday learning experience. No matter how much one can get really good in it (say, 5 or 6 figure income earners), I feel it doesn't stops there.

    Tecnology evolves further and faster hence they always gotta catch up with in time, no matter what.

    As the saying goes, 'it's either you move forward or you move backward. There's no such thing as stagnating'
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    Originally Posted by Netpiddler View Post

    So I ask you fellow warriors that have nothing better to do -
    when does one stop being a newbie and becoming... well what would they become?
    When you know how to do those things, you're no longer a 'newbie'.

    And there will always be things at which you'll be a 'newbie'.

    I'm preparing to launch my first print book - and I'm a 'newbie' at
    it. Everything is a new learning experience. And it is fun, scary
    and exciting all at once.

    After the launch is done, and I've learned how to do it, I'll no
    longer be a 'newbie'. I'll be a 'know it all'

    ... until I realize I don't, but do indeed know more than others,
    at which point I'll graduate to becoming an 'expert'

    All success
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  • Profile picture of the author Will Edwards
    I would say you cease to be a newbie when you believe you are an Internet Marketer & the term Internet Marketer is the correct one before even you become a Successful Internet Marketer.

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  • Profile picture of the author Mangozoom
    I guess after you have understood and applied the basics and do not do any of the following ....

    1) Try and put up a bogus post on this forum with a clickbank work from home licking envelopes link in it - classic noob sympton.

    2) Believe the hype surrounding every make a million bucks in a day product release.

    3) Expect that if you throw up a blog.com or a sales site visitors will magically come in their droves and order.

    4) Jump from program to program, technique to technique

    5) When you understand that it is not a good idea to only promote the internet marketing niche ... and learn how to seek out those profitable, under the radar mother lovers.

    5) and finally when you no longer feel so frustrated at the lack of results that you want to smash your monitor but instead have regular respectable growing income coming in.

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  • Profile picture of the author itcoll
    when ideas do not become actions,you gotta call the person as a newbie.

    that is my thought.
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  • Profile picture of the author Jo_Shua
    A newbie is a person learning to overcome new experiences in order to be successful.

    A 'rough neck' is a person that has learned to overcome new experiences in order to continue to be successful.

    As others have noted, we are all newbies when it comes to learning new aspects of our business...

    What differentiates us from a newbie-newbie is the knowledge, confidence, and will power to overcome new obstacles in our learning path.

    Hopefully, we can share this knowledge to help build the confidence in order to kick-start the will power of these 'so called' newbie-newbies. That's what makes us grow as a community, because today's newbie is tomorrows 'guru' -- and surely we all can learn something from a guru

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    • Profile picture of the author Martin Avis
      As the first thread I read after a 10-day vacation, I took the liberty of using it as inspiration for a short article in my newsletter this morning:

      One of the first threads I've read on the Warrior forum this
      morning was a bit of fun from a guy asking at what point do we
      stop being newbies and what do we become then?

      It made me think because in so many ways I'm still a newbie, and
      no matter how much I learn or achieve, there is always way more
      stuff that I don't know than I have actually managed to master!

      The fact that Internet marketing is the kind of business where
      there is always something new to learn is what makes it so much
      fun, but it is also its biggest challenge. So in a very real way,
      we are all perpetual newbies.

      The word newbie has another meaning though, and this is the one
      that is the most damaging.

      Some people wear their inexperience like a badge. 'I don't think
      I can do that because I'm a newbie' is a commonly heard cry. It
      is an excuse to do nothing - a shield to hide behind that allows
      people to comfortably look on from the sidelines without having
      to take personal action, with all the perceived risk that might

      Newbie-ness, when it is seen as the key to open a door to pass
      through into a room of wonders - with more doors waiting for you
      on the other side - is a marvellous thing. But newbie-ness, when
      it is seen as a padlocked gate through which you can glimpse
      wonderful things but are prevented from reaching them because you
      don't have the key is corrosive and soul-destroying.

      I hope I will always be a newbie because for me, it is the key,
      not the lock.
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  • Profile picture of the author rcardar
    I think you are not a newbie, once you have confidence in what your are doing,
    actually making SOME money, and can get around doing things without firing questions to forums, helpdesks, friends, etc , etc.
    There is always something new to learn for sure, but learn them at your pace.

    Rich C.
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  • Profile picture of the author GlennSojourner
    Too much time on your hands to do all this sitting around and thinking!

    I think we should always be a newbie...learning something all the time.

    What is the next stage after newbie...fossil?
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  • Profile picture of the author markshields
    I agree with the early post we are always newbies at something because most days we will encounter something which we dont know about so our learning is always on going as is our training :-)

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    We're "experts" when we're selling; we're "newbies" when we're buying.
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    You are no longer a newbie when you decide to apply yourself and make some cash instead of hopping from info product to info product.
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    I would say when you can talk as an authority on the subject at hand.
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