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How many in-text product links can you have in a blog post before getting Google slapped? I was thinking it was something like 3 outside links and unlimited internal links, but can't remember.
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    No one knows mate... You will never find an absolute answer when it comes to playing with Google.

    That being said, there have been arguments that affiliate links DOES NOT get you slapped while others say that it does... Go figure.
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    Just do what is right for your readers
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    There isn't a rule to govern all rules. You promote in a natural way I guess. Linking when it makes sense. Basically use your common sense..

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    I have written review articles with 2 and 3 links. At times i get the hits and at times none at all so I couldn't really tell you! I just try to write my reviews in a normal tone and not to pushy.
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    It doesn't matter as long as the content is good and relevant. The entire article can't be links though. Your best bet is to make it as natural looking as possible.

    This will not only protect you from Google slapping, but it will also convert better with your readers.
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    There's no set guideline for this, but the best way to tell is to read your own posts -- do they look spammy and like you're trying too hard to promote something, or is your content actually useful? For instance, recipe or craft sites may talk about a specific ingredient/tool they use and link to it because the writer actually prefers that product, and that would be useful information. Always add value and don't be pushy and you have nothing to worry about.
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    I just put one link in a blog post. That link takes the article farther in a free product that I give away from a squeeze page.

    So, that one link is to a squeeze page that gives away more information on the topic of the blog post. My main goal is to get the reader onto a list that will automatically send them several follow up messages about the same topic as the article with some of the follow up emails recommending a product.

    Half are my own products and the other half are affiliate products. So I don't have to load my posts up with more than one link to be able to market more than one product.

    I hope this has been helpful,
    Steve Yakim
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      I decided on 3 for this particular post. Two were brand name products I mentioned that I linked to the Amazon affiliate and one was an internal link to the category with previous posts on a 30-day trial of the product. Each of those posts had an product affiliate link to either eBay or Amazon, plus some related internal links.
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    Another question about affiliate product links: do you find you get more sales from in-text links, breaking up a post with an affiliate link in the middle or placing them at the end of the post?
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    If the content is really long, it probably helps to have it in the middle and the end. Really, again, it depends on the type of content.
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    I don't think that links are so helpful in terms of SEO. You have to put limited amount of links in a blog posts.

    Blogging Tips & tricks@

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