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Hello everyone,

I am Sinkata and I am new here.... I hope we will have great times and we will exchange our expirience on this forum. Many years I working freelance like graphic designer. Last 1 year in my mind is teespring... So I find time to try it... Before 1 day I started my first campaign on teespring and here is link https://teespring.com/loveyorkie also t shirt https://teespring.com/limitedyorkie ... I tried to share my shirts on facebook yorkie groups.. But without effect.... My question is what is the best way to sell my shirts... Also please check my campaigns if somewhere I made mistake... Any tips are welcome also comments positive or negative...

The kind regards,
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    you're going the right route by targeting people that may be interested in the subject. Try some facebook groups as well. Or if you can find a yorkie/pets website that allows ads, you can buy an inexpensive ad for a few days and try that
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    Welcome to the forum. Cute shirt! I'd say try advertising to Yorkie owners via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. If it's something the market really wants, it'll start generating it's own buzz from there. If not, then welp, you're probably out of luck.

    Maybe look for some Yorkie forums and blogs to reach out to as well.
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      I agree with Steve, Facebook can be great for targeting and Instagram and twitter and great as well.

      Since we are not sure of your campaigns it hard to see what happening with them.

      you may want to try setting up a facebook fan page for yorkies and then setup a facebook ad for your shirt campaign.

      good luck!
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    Sinkata. Fish where the fish are.

    - I agree. I like the t-shirt.
    - I'd get rid of the shipping add-on (Free shipping) That's a stopper. You're better of at $54.99 than showing the shipping.
    - Go here ... (Or other similar places)
    - Don't sell
    - Lay your link low
    - When someone on the forum buys a t-shirt, ask for a testimonial and ask them to post on the forum about the t-shirt they bought from "a fellow forum member"
    - Rinse and repeat
    - Find other forums

    I sell on niche forums a lot.
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    I was blown away by a teespring campaign the other day on FB, it read;

    "It's a Moran Thing!"

    And being my last name is Moran, they definitely got my attention on facebook! In fact, my daughter reposted it, and tagged me in her comment, lol.

    I haven't done any teespring campaigns, but it definitely seems if you target Yorkie owners, you'll prob get some sales. But, will a Yorkie owner buy/wear your shirt?... That I cannot answer.
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    also maybe some pinterest pictures of your shirt.. make a yorkie pinboard and add other things to it. a twitter account that is about yorkies and follows other yorkie accounts may help too
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