what is the simplest way to make money

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Ok not to sound stupid , but I have spent a lot of time and money to try and find a way to make money online . I have spend 39.95 till I am blue in the face and never made any money online - never once . Now I am sure it is me that is the problem I do not blame anyone else . I am needing something clear - step by step guide . I would be more than happy to pay to learn .
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    Do a little keyword research, find an affiliate product to promote and get to writing. This is the fastest way to get the ball rolling to bring in some money.
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      Have you tried 'Bum marketing' by Travis Sago? I find this the cheapest (free to be exact)and easiest way to start my IM endeavors. I am now looking at the '4 day money making blueprint' by David Bocock which is the next step up from bum marketing. Hope this helps :-)
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      I have spend 39.95 till I am blue in the face and never made any money online - never once .
      Sounds like you have the dreaded newbyitis. It's a near fatal disease causing the victim to jump from one money making idea to the next in a never ending quest for the holy grail of online money making: the idea that will make you money just by thinking about it.

      I too have suffered from this dreaded affliction in the past and this is how I got over it:

      1. Stop buying products!

      2. Go back through that vast collection of $39.95 info products, and pick one and only one, I'll bet there's some great information hiding away on your hard drive there.

      3. Whatever the product says to do: do it. JUST TAKE ACTION!

      Now maybe you're convinced that all that info you have is no good, written by fly-by-night sham artists, who are now using your hard earned to buy pina colada's on a beach in mexico.

      If that's the case then there is one place you can get great, ACTIONABLE, information for free: The Warrior Forum!

      Here is a link to a thread outlining a very successful technique that is simple to implement, could cost you very little and will reward you with results, if YOU TAKE ACTION.

      Don't like that plan? Have a look through the forum and you'll find lots of great ideas, making many people lots of money. Simply pick one and stick to it. If you jump from idea to idea you'll never see any results.

      At the end of the day almost any idea can make you money, it's the effort you put into it that determines how much.

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        I know the issue is me -I am sure many of the systems I have do make money for many Thank you for all the good info - I know that the use of this forum will help me
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    In your case, it honestly doesn't sound like any course will help you. If you've bought as many courses as you say, there's absolutely no reason why you shouldn't have made money online by now. The simple fact is, whatever you think and feel on the inside is what manifests itself in reality.

    Yeah, sounds new agey but it's true. Don't mean to sound harsh but your best bet is to first think about what it is you truly desire, not money, fancy cars, nice house, none of that. That's a by-product of success. What is it that you deeply desire, more importantly, what is your core desire?

    For me, it's to live freely as I want, when I want, truly help as many people as possible, and donate a fair amount of resources to charity. That's my core desire and notice I didn't say money or a "secure future" because when you focus on your core desire and take action on it, everything else falls into place, you just have to trust that that it will which can be the hard part.

    So, just do some soul searching. I can promise you that if you take care of you first and get some answers as to what's going on deep down inside, then it's all going to make sense to you very very soon. From there, just make the necessary changes and remember that action creates results. We must act to achieve.

    Best of luck with everything :-)
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    Yep, focus on building skills in IM areas like marketing, sales, SEO, PPC etc etc. Try not to get sucked in to "magical systems". They do sound great and when you're a newbie, it's easy to believe this stuff and sometimes there are some good ones.

    But at the end of the day, no one else cares about your success as much as you do. It's all up to you to take action and take responsibility for your failures and your successes. You seem that get that already, which is a good thing.

    There are some good free courses out there (hint: check my sig for one ) so just start learning and applying what you learn.

    Hope that helps,

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  • Do or not do -- there is no try. Pick a keyword. Start a blog around it. Write, write, and write more until you have carpal tunnel syndrome. Check your logs and see what search terms are bringing people to your site. NOW you are ready to make money -- find products that fit those terms and plunk links into the posts that are getting found the most. It's that simple. It took me a year of screwing around and getting enough content to draw traffic, but it's working.
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    The simplest way is to sell your services in some form. It's not always the best way, especially if thinking long term, but it is indeed simple. And you will see results quickly. Look at your current skill set and what might you be able to sell as a service. Another option you might want to look into is spending time learning a new skill that you could translate into an income?

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