How should I choose A Profitable Health Niche?

by rajdip
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Hello all respective members. I am a new bee in Afflieate market. And willing to work with CB, CS and Cpa marketplace like MB, CJ.
I like to work with Health. But I am feeling confiused which niche is best at Health Catagory.
My experience? I am working with Upwork & Elance last 4 years or more & studying About afflieate marketing more then 1 year. Now I really want to work with it. I have some good understanding knowledge to.
If I find a good niche I will do proper seo to build a website & it will help me to take my website in Google First page.
But now, please suggest me which niche should I choose Around whole Health catagory or which niche is the best now( Example:- like Acne, back pain, hair loss)

Please help me All experts which niche should I go with.....
With respect,
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    Is there a specific health area, item, condition, etc. that you are more familiar with? If so, try starting with what you know. It may take a bit of trial and error to find the health niche that works best for you.
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    skin care, weight loss sub-niches are good but very competitve topics. But If you'e good. You can have success.
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    Go with something you are really interested in. Also, go to Google Keyword Planner to check how many people are searching for certain niches in the health category.
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    If you want to make money, then pick a health niche that has a high search count in Google and health problems that have no easy cure.

    For example, whitening teeth is popular but any one with a half of brain can get easy solutions by doing a quick trip down the toothpaste aisle at Walmart.
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    If you're talking about whole Health category, I suggest you to pick a niche that you are very familiar with because Health niche really needs a lot of facts that would inform and help your readers. I think you would be more effective in choosing something you're comfortable with than choosing a niche you know nothing/a little about.
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    It's all about supply and demand. Find a niche that has a high demand and see what top selling products are out there. Find a product with good EPC's
    Working to achieve higher results...
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    One obvious thing would be to find a smaller sub-niche that has lower competition, because the health arena as a whole is very competitive.

    It would probably be best to go after a topic that is an embarrassing problem that the prospect would want to find a solution for quickly.
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    Check the competitors in your niche. As long as there are competitors, it basically means there are money to be made. And you shouldn't really worry about being in a profitable niche, instead, focus in how you can be the best in your niche..

    The 3 INSANELY Effective Methods To Achieve Your Goals, GO HERE.

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  • The best niche is the one with:

    1. the highest EPC; and
    2. the hungriest buyers; and
    3. the least competition.

    Find the niche with the best combination of all three (create your own metric) and you're in business.
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    Hi there! And welcome to the blogging world. Google Keyword Planner is your friend at this time. Here I made a post on how you can find profitable niche and keywords.

    Legit Money Making Sites

    Think of a keyword that's related to health, type that in the planner tool. You can also target specific countries to know how many searches the keyword receives per month. (Screenshots on the blog post)

    Long tail keywords also help.

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    Good demand, relatively low competition, and ideally something you are familiar/passionate about.
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