Is this procedure from web hosting a scam.

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I found a six months free hosting plan giveaway from I subscribed to them very easily. there were a message that my application needs 24H for verification before I can access all the features on the website. I could open my website but it was useless at the moment.

a couple of hours later. they send me an email. asking me print a pdf and fill a paper then rescan it and upload it to their email. among the information required there was the CREDIT CARD NUMBER, EXPIRATION DATE, SECURITY CODE, AND THE HOLDER NAME. +A SCAN OF THE FRONT AND BACK OF THE SAME CREDIT CARD.

I have never seen such procedure before. asking for all of the credit card information seems to be a direct way to steal money from it. I contacted them about my inquiry for not accepting to provide such information and they replied by it being necessary for verification and authorization of the payment!!??. I have never heard of an internet purchase where the receiver needs credit card information for verification and authorization of payment. I think and still believe that when you purchase from the internet, you are entering the credit card information through some sort of a separate neutral service. and I should never give my information for anybody else. because if I give them the information like this they can use to withdraw money easily.

why do you think? is it a scam? and did you hear bout asking for credit card information for verification and authorization of the payment for internet purchase before?

this is a dropbox folder that contains two screenshots of the 2 emails they sent to me and the pdf form they asked me to fill.
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    Just use a real host. I use Dreamhost but I'm sure others here can recommend their favorite host too. You shouldn't have to do all of the crap you mentioned.

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    for my serious job. I would use a reliable web host service. but I wanted to try it for 6 months since it was for free. but they shocked me with their demand of my credit card information. I have never seen anything like that.
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      I can't be sure this is a scam, but it does make me very wary of the offer. It sounds like someone running a two-bit business where their merchant account will not accept online sales. So they use the PDF routine so they can provide a physical sales ticket. Not real secure, nor very reassuring.

      I'd write them off and keep moving.
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        I have already passed by their online payment step where I entered my credit card information but the cost was 0$. if I give them my credit card information, they can use it to withdraw any money they want from it.
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    Use someone else. You don't have to stick with them. There are even free (and probably better) webhosting services than this service you're currently trying to use.

    But honestly you will want to find something that even better than a cheap or free webhosting and domain plan. Find something that's of high quality.
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    Doteasy uses an automated payment processing system and only accepts credit card payments at this time. All Members are required to maintain valid credit card information on file for the processing of any applicable service fees. At its sole discretion, Doteasy may use credit card issuer-approved services, such as VISA Account Updater and MasterCard Automatic Billing Updater, to acquire updated payment information for the purpose of processing outstanding payments that are on your account.

    Doteasy may take any reasonable action to validate your credit card and registration information and collect all payments due. You agree to pay all attorney and collection fees arising from any efforts to collect any past due amounts from you, to the extent allowed by law.
    Terms of Service -
    Could it be that you have given them reason for concern?

    The site appears perfectly legit to me but that's no guarantee.
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    you can use web host that are already trusted.
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