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I am looking for ways to write faster and be more productive in tasks that just take some time.

I already write fast - averaging 2000-4000 words a day, but I just want to streamline some of the repetitive things I do each day. Ideally there would be an "all in one" solution that can help with everything, but haven't found it yet.

Here's my current workflow:

1. Research Keywords/Article Topic Ideas - this one is pretty streamlined already

2. Research and curate content for the article - currently using Evernote Web Clipper to take notes from various articles and resources {ie: wikipedia} - would love to find something more efficient!

3. Copy/Paste notes into the WP text editor
4. Start the Writing process - however since I do this in the WordPress text editor I am missing cool features like thesaurus, spelling/grammar/etc. - Also, most of my articles fit a pretty standard "format" - it would be nice if I could have some sort of template that is preformatted.
5. Create an image for the article
6. Proofread/format
7. Publish

Surely there has to be a way to streamline this all that I'm overlooking? Also would really like a way to be able to write better in the text editor, or if there's a way to take notes more efficiently and just write in one place and then export to WordPress that would be awesome too.

I would LOVE to hear any ideas/suggestions you may have!
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    Take a look at Scrivener (not an affiliate link). You'll be able to apply or create templates, research, curate and edit within the program, and then publish/export in a range of formats.


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    Mr. Donovan beat me to it. Scrivener is absolutely the best writing program out there, my opinion, of course. It ain't free (I think I paid $35 a few years ago), but is well worth it. The organization it brings to all your different writing projects is pretty sweet, and I am actually surprised it took someone so long to come up with it, for as useful as it is.

    Definitely look into Scrivener.
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    Hey - This post showed up in my Google alerts! I like your ideas of streamlining, and like you, I'm really curious about streamlining research as well. So far, all I've found are scraping tools. But as a real writer, I'm sure you know those can be a complete waste of time. I'll be happy to hear of some nice solutions. Thanks for posting the question.
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      Thanks all - I am trying out Scrivener- any tips or tutorials for ways to use it for research? It does make writing a bit easier
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    For headlines, you might want to try headlinr or some similar tool.

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