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by PHR
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Hi there,

I like udemy a lot as a platform of education in different niches.

I wonder about a few numbers on some udemy courses and maybe someone can give me some information and proof about what I think...

So here is the thing:

One udemy course out there has over 18.000 students which enrolled that course. And it sells for around 300$

So maybe (I don't know) just only 10% of that 18.000 students bought this course for the regular price of 300$. The rest had a coupon or got if from a different source

So if that 10% are "full-buyers" of the course, that means that the author made around (1.800 people x 300) !540.000$! (there are no fees from udemy included).

May that is true? I can't believe it! :O

Maybe someone can give me a little bit of insights if that numbers can be made from udemy!

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    Really like an answer on that on...
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      I would say be no where near 10% buy at full price.

      I think I have had two in total the rest at greatly reduced prices.

      Also most people make the course free for a while to get feedback so a lot of people probably got it for nothing.

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    So what do you think.

    5% of all the enrollments are full buyers?
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    You may want to read through the many threads on Udemy here.

    Cliff notes: Udemy's value is in UPSELLING your more expensive products

    Don't get hung up on the 10 bucks.

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