What would you do with 200 dollar?

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Hi Guys

If you only had 200 dollars to spend on your first online venture what would it be and how would you spend that 200 dollars to get the most bang for your buck. I am in that situation right now, all suggestions are welcome!

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    Great post! Thats the best way to quick success IMHO. The beauty is once you get that list you can market to them forever. Lists quickly become your automatic money machines.

    Need cash for a new car? Send an email to the list!
    Need to renovate your basement? Send an email to the list!
    Need to put a down payment on your new home? Send an email to the list!

    Truly internet marketing in its finest form.
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    You wont create your own product?
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    No! Not with only $200. I would go with a proven winner first.

    Pick a niche and find some great PLR products for it then use those as basis for your free content. Send your list 80% free content and 20% promotions, and your conversions will be through the roof.

    A good place to find those PLR's is Private Label Rights, Master Resale Rights, Master Resell Rights, Private Label Resale Rights, ebook, video, software
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    so i should get aweber, buy a domain for the squeeze page and build a list for an affiliate product? That sounds easy (i hope )
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    Hi Geoff,

    That first suggestion is a great one. Here's another:

    I'd pick a niche by going to Clickbank and finding products with decent gravities.

    Next, I'd buy Market Samurai and use it to find high-traffic keywords with low seo competition related to the niche I've picked.

    Then I'd register a keyword-rich domain for my niche.

    Next, I'd set up a Wordpress blog and start publishing articles targeting the keywords that I've researched.

    I'd set up Google Adsense and banners linking back to the Clickbank product/s.

    I'd then get more free traffic via social bookmarking, article marketing and online video sharing sites.
    Need help getting more leads and sales? *** Click here to work with me ***
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    Dont i have to provide extra money for aweber if i dont make money on my first month? What i mean is that what if the list i build wont buy from me?
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    That's a great idea John, but I don't think that he could get HUGE really fast with that method.

    See Geoff, by focusing on list building 1st and foremost you only set yourself up for more success later down the line. A list a truly precious and valuable asset that you can leverage for greater and greater success.

    You can become a player in big launches in your niche and earn some nice affiliate commish off of that.

    Also if you want to do your own product, build a list first, offer them free valuable information, establish rapport, and sell sparingly to them. Then survey the list about things they are having trouble with, or things they would like to learn about.

    This way the people tell you what they want, and you, quite simply put, give them what they want via your own product.

    Your conversion rates will be in the double digits and you'll make a ton of coin.

    Listbuilding is the quickest key to internet success. PERIOD!

    Also General, I second what you said about spending the $180 on tools that will make it easier.

    Geoff, here's some great ones that can really get your list huge quickly:

    Traffic Geyser
    SEnuke SEO Software,SEO software,search engine optimization
    Massive Backlinks and Search Term Domination. Article Marketer

    And don't worry man, the list will buy from you as long as you take care of them with free valuable content, and plus aweber is only $20 per month.
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  • Available Startup: $200

    Get into CPA Marketing.
    - Find out what the top 10 Affiliate Networks Are
    - Register To Them - (Checkout This Thread - Shows your how to get accepted to networks)
    - Get a professional phone line (use it for contacts between affiliate networks) and a professional looking website. Phone line from a place like Freedom Voice, $10/Month - Design and Coding of Business Site for yourself, $100. This is so you can make contact with the affiliate companies. They call you on your professional line, and your business site is what you use to submit to them when they ask.

    - After you get accepted, make friends with your Manager at each network. Be nice and simply ask for help. Tell them what their top 5 converting offers are. Take that information from the 10 networks and see what's up. Most likely you will find that all 10 will have at least one offer similar to the others, whether it is in the health industry or elsewhere.

    - Choose the niche you want, and get started.

    Note: Avoid the money making niche.

    I see you have some articles written and linked to in your sig. So focus on Article Marketing. If you do not know how to properly do article marketing. Search for 1 WSO selling a Article Marketing guide that has a lot of views and feedback that describe to you the basic article marketing strategies and then find an article WSO who claims to have the insights on real marketing domination. My favorite is: HERE . Please note, I'm not trying to sell you anything or make a sale. You asked what you can do for $200, and I'm giving my opinion on what I would do with it.

    Both guides shouldn't cost you more than $50 combined.

    Once you got everything down. Dedicate a solid 2-3 hours a day to article marketing. Write quality articles that actually provides insight and in each article always attempt to get the viewer in to checkout more on your niche through your own site.

    Note: Always take the customers from the article you wrote to your own website, where you provide more information on the topic, maybe a review on the offer you are promoting for the affiliate network, and then link the viewer to the affiliate's offer from your site. This will get you conversions.

    This worked for me. I don't see why it wouldn't work for you.

    What I wrote above is a pretty brief step by step that can go into much more detail. If you need any more insight, PM me. I'll be glad to help.

    If you do decide to get into the CPA marketing business, let me be the first to tell you that its the best place to be right now.

    Good luck on all your online ventures.

    P.S Please don't go creating your own product or launching a full blown website with $200. It just doesn't make sense and the odds would be very much against you. BY website I mean, selling an ebook, getting into a business like web hosting or design.

    If you don't like this idea, look into Website Flipping. Flippa.com is actually getting a good reputation after sitepoints little transfer and racking in a good amount of daily website sales. Find a quality website flipping guide, I can suggest one, but I wouldn't back it as I haven't tried it myself.

    P.P.S : That was the longest P.S I have ever written.
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    Wow thanks guys for all the suggestions! I have made a few sales here in there with article marketing and i have avoided list building like the plague because i thought it is really difficult. And people may not take me seriously.

    But now i will really look into this.
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    @Admiral W.

    I did try to apply with CPA sites and like you said they require that you have a website before they accept you. Thank you for your suggestion and i will PM you for sure if i need any help, thank you very much again.
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  • No problem. Its what we do at WF :p
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    You said to stay away with the make money online niche, but that is one of the most rabid buyers of online stuff right? May i should also like for a niche similar to MMO
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      Pay someone to write you a bunch of articles in 3-4 different niches.

      Then sign up for a clickbank account and put affiliate links in those articles.

      Then you'll have at least 20 articles per niche, post up these articles on 10 or more article directories where affiliate links are allowed in the signature, and you could get over 200 clicks per niche. So if you've got 4 of them - you could be making 100$ per day just from these articles
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  • The reason I say stay away from the money making niche is that is a very competitive market. Whether you are doing Article Marketing, or anything else.

    "Rapid Buyers" - Thats true when you look at a place like WF.... But the type of offers that are run by CPA networks are mostly those who target the newbie crowd, and if you would like, take some time and do a bit of research on how competitive that niche is and get back to me :p

    There is no reason why you can't implement article marketing with money making niche along side other offers you are promoting. If you have time, great. Spend it on more article writing/marketing. (BTW, article marketing is the most cost effective way to go, but not the best. After you have some money in your pocket, look into ppc).

    And one thing I forgot to mention in regards to the above step by step is you should always, always, always, track your articles, and the traffic coming from them to the site and see which convert.

    I do this using a nice link cloaking software. Although I don't use it for link cloaking, I use it for the tracking part. Its a nice tool.

    Look around the net or WF and find a nice piece that provides you with this function. Even after you spend some more $$$ on this software you will not have went over your $200 limit
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    have you actually done this method?
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    Good to see a Filipino here. Kamusta kababayan? What do you for a living online?

    I am fond of creating micro niche sites and they are quite doing great. Super Solano Hair Dryer and Battery Operated Alarm Clock are just a few of my sites.

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    I am new to affilaite amrkleting and $250 is my budget. I have bought hosting $69 for three months. I ma about to subscribe to Aweber and also buy a wordpress template. I intend to set up a blog, drive traffic, use CPA offers etc.

    My main promotion will be bum article marketing, posting a blog post each day and also write to articles a day.I ma also considering buying Market Samurai for keyword research.

    Ultimately I want to launch my own product by Christmas
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    thats a good plan Catherine, good luck to your new venture. Please update us.
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    No. But is it worth it beterglobe?
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    I have been thinking about trying to promote a CB product and was wondering what the best way to go about it was. From what I gather I should:

    1. Pick a niche
    2. Select a CB product related to that niche.
    3. Sign up with AWeber and setup a blog.
    4. Buy PLR products in my niche and add articles to the blog as well as use them for the newsletter.

    Is this correct? When you say promote on forums, how do you do this without spamming? Have a link in your signature?

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    Yes i know a couple of people who make their living with building links, creating websites for foreign clients here in the Philippines. But that is so labor intensive, dont get me wrong i love to work, but i have some friends that do the outsourcing thing and they do that all day long.
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