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I was just hoping that some of my fellow Warriors might have some ideas as to what you would give away AS AN INTERNET MARKETER to OFFLINE business owners in a Facebook contest?

(where else on the WWW would someone go for this kind of advice?)

Thanks guys (and gals.)
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    It depends on who your 'ideal prospect is'.

    'Business owners' is extremely vague. Do you want to attract dentists? pizza places? hair salon owners? mechanics? financial advisors?

    And how much money do they make?

    Are they mom and pop operations? Do they make $1million plus? Or maybe $30million plus?
    It makes a big difference.. because those are entirely different people.

    You could do something generic. Free marketing ebook. Dvd Set on how to attract more customers. Could do a free 30 minute phone consultation, Tickets to a private seminar / event that you'll be hosting, or hands on workshop where you spend all day with them building their funnel and helping them get more customers..

    Those are generic ideas. They work. They have broad appeal.

    But you could even go outside the box.. especially if you know your market.
    If you're targeting male dentists that make $150k - $350k/yr.. then there's a good chance that they love Golf. so you could give away something like free golf clubs or a cruise.
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