Most Important Rules For A Good Landing Page

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I just wanted to know some opinions on what makes a good and high converting Landing Page? Any tips or tricks you could suggest to help me would be really appreciated
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    Here is an ebook length answer to your question,

    101 Landing Page Optimization Tips

    -Ray Edwards
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    The most important thing is a clearly seen "Call to Action" button! Another aspect is a clear even a minimalistic page. The days are gone when a lot of marketers was trying to put all the info they have into landing page, just to 'prove' to costumer that their product is the best. Don't use large texts, just a few strong and concentrated sentences about why your product is worth buying. short video could also work moreover, just wanted to say that if your product isn't worth a penny, than even a good landing page didn't help to sell it. People isn't stupid anymore, so try to sound as much natural as you can, same as you were offering this product to your mate wile drinking beer at a bar
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      Keep it simple. And make it easy to "traverse". And of course as the poster above said have the Call to Action very visible.

      I do not get into real elaborate landing pages. I keep it above the Fold for the most part.

      Some may require a little more complexity so it may be longer. Thats just something I stay away from

      - Robert Andrew

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    One that gives a solution to the problem faced by the traffic hitting that page.
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    Pay $5 at Fiverr for an awesome landing page.
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    101 tips holy molly!! lol

    Your landing page should be different from everyone else's
    It should have a very strong call to action
    It should "promise" one very simple thing and that one thing should be it's center focus (usually giving away something for free)
    That one thing should be enticing as all heck to your target demographic and it should deliver on it's promise!
    Then it's really just a matter of playing around with the words and images and color scheme from that point to optimize.

    It's more an art than a science but there's a bit of science mixed in there... somewhere.
    You can always just do a Google Image search for "squeeze pages" or "landing pages" to get some ideas to model your's after if you need inspiration.


    use one of the many readily available squeeze page creation plugins / softwares floating around the webspace, they seem to work pretty decently, though they do tend to create some cookie-cutter results but hey, those templates are usually shown to work for the most part.
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    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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    4 small tips for effective landing page


    good job !!!!
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    It should look good. The first impression is based on the overall look. So grab a good looking professional template. And also it should be targeted to a specific audience and talk their language. Of course it should promise to solve a specific problem too.
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      Originally Posted by kamikaza View Post

      It should look good. The first impression is based on the overall look. So grab a good looking professional template. And also it should be targeted to a specific audience and talk their language. Of course it should promise to solve a specific problem too.
      Yep, I do think this is important. That first click on your Sq. Page should be a visual one that is positive in those first few seconds.

      Kind of like that first impression mantra, i.e. you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.
      Or something like that

      - Robert Andrew

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    I would say the most important should be FOCUS. There should be only 1 thing for users to do on your landing page once they get there...which is the Action you want them to take.

    Nothing should distract from that, meaning anything that does not help the user to take action as fast as possible should not be on the page.
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    So safe to say, keep it as simple as possible. Making sure the call to action is the main thing that catches the viewers eye?
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    Benefit driven headline. Strong call to action and for your optin form. Use email only NO name. The more things people have to do, decreases conversions.
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    "Landing page" is generic and could be many different things.

    A good lead capture or "squeeze" page should offer a visitor only two options - Opt-in or leave.
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      Keep it relevant. Here, you ask about rules for a good landing page. By including the phrase "high converting", you tell us that the purpose of the page is to get someone to do something.

      Ray offered you a link to something promising exactly what you asked for - tips for a high converting landing page. That's relevant.

      Had someone offered you something about how to create html forms, that would have been less relevant because it would be too general.

      And had they offered you something like 101 Weight Loss Smoothies, they'd have missed the mark completely.
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    Captivate - Use creative images, video and clear headlines to capture and KEEP visitors on the page.
    Motivate - Use testimonials, convincing copy to motivate your visitor to take action. Create a sense of urgency to encourage the visitor to "do it now" vs later.
    Dare to be different - There are sooooo many landing page builders and templates that look the same. Don't become a victim of watered down designs, find a way to stand out and be different.
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      You only have a couple seconds to catch your visitors attention with your landing page so keep it simple and make sure to answer the questions on their mind.

      -can I trust this person with the answer to my problem?
      -will this give me the information I am looking for?
      -does this place have what I was searching for?

      Just to name a few.
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    Good rules are:

    - Good headline
    - Attractive sign up form
    - Straight to the point
    - A simple background color (not an image)
    - Good call to action and benefits of what they'll learn
    - Always capture their name also
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    I focus on this thing

    1. Promote a positive first impression
    2. Take advantage of trust elements
    3. Increase the conversion rate
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    Make sure that the landing page is first very simple. Avoid stuffing the landing page with lots of content. People hate looking at landing pages that are cluttered with content making it absolutely difficult for one to identify the content they need on the page. Make sure also that the colors you are using are relevant to your entire branding of the organization or company. People visit the landing page just to get a glimpse of what you are offering. Avoid using lots of colors since they will cause unnecessary destruction. Colors can be a plus to your landing page and at the same time be a minus to your side.
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    Just mind control them. The amount of free will people have is roughly 1,000 times smaller then the amount of free will they think they have. If you don't understand the concept or don't know how this works, sorry. I won't tell you.
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    1. A landing page should have a single purpose and thus a single focused message.
    2. Ensure the primary headline of your landing page matches the ad visitors clicked to get there.
    3. Show your product/service being used in context.
    4. Use real testimonials for authenticity.
    5. Make your call to action (CTA) big and position it above the fold.
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