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What's up guys?
Just wanted to share how I use the google adwords keyword planner for all my keyword research. It always works well for me

Here's what I do:

Step 1:
First find a product that you would like to promote through clickbank and copy the link to the product

Step 2:
Then go to google adwords keyword planner tool

Step 3:
Click the link that says search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category

Step 4:
Paste the link for the clickbank product under the "your landing page" box

Step 5:
Then under keyword options check the box that says Only show ideas closely related to my search terms then save it.

Step 6:
Then click on get ideas. Click on the tab that says keyword ideas then click on avg monthly searches to sort them from highest searched to lowest.

Now you have some keywords to promote your product through youtube or any other traffic generation platform that you prefer using.

So that's a quick way I use to get some keyword Ideas.

What do you guys use to find profitable keywords besides the keywords planner?
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    Its an oldy but a googy. I love this simple method too, its one that won't fail any time soon in my opinion.
    Alot of these tools out there just use keyword planner anyway.
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    The problem with that approach is you'll run head long into competition.

    Competition per se is not bad but if you have too much competition, it's going to be very hard to gain traction.

    I use an alternative method: I use wikipedia and reddit's crowdsourced categorization system to find new keywords and subniches.

    Less competition and you get to zero in on lucrative niches before they BLOW UP.
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    Ubersuggest is awesome, and so is keywordspy.
    I've had some great results with both of them.
    But the thing is, if you just look for your keywords only using google keyword planner you'll be doing the same thing as everyone, and the competition will be tough.
    Always is best to think outside the box and come with some long-tailed-well-targeted keywords, although they may not have as much traffic as the others your cpc will lower and your CTR and CR will increase.

    Think about angles for your offers or your product.

    Good luck,
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    That looks like an excellent strategy, thanks for sharing

    See What I'm up to Now The New Blog

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    I prefer to start with a root keyword to base my keyword research around this. I like to look for evergreen type of keywords not product keywords because most of the time but not all the time product keywords die down.
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    Sometimes I'm using online tools like spyfu, just to check what keywords my competitors are using It could show you some great ideas too. The problem it will cost you some money to getadvanced features.
    VPS Hosting in Europe
    Fast, Affordable and Reliable
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    It's really strange no one mentioned WordStream as a way to get a free keywords.
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    Hey, guys thanks for the clear plan of keyword generating. I always get them in different ways, and the result is also various.
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      Some great advice, thanks for the tips, Learn new stuff everyday!.
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    just ask your familly members for their needs ,then you will find the profitable niche easly
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    If you look for e-commerce keywords - take a look to this ebay keywords tool
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    You can also scrape niche forums

    Why do this?

    you can capture keywords that businesses pay top dollar for.

    It's under the radar and you beat your competition to the punch
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    I also follow this exact steps to find profitable keywords. I believe all other keyword tools collect their data from Google Keyword Planner.
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      Thank you very much for the suggestion
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    we cant say earlier is good or not without try this strategy.
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  • Profile picture of the author Alex The Lion is another great tool for getting ideas.
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    The problem with Google Keyword planner is that most of the keywords are very competitive. I use Longtail Pro to find low competitive keywords.
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    Originally Posted by fernando avila View Post

    What do you guys use to find profitable keywords besides the keywords planner?
    I use Keyword Discovery. Their monthly plan is awesome (but expensive), but gives you 10,000 keyword variations (that ever existed) for 1 particular keyword. After that, just take a day or 2 out to sort through the keyword list, and pick out the keywords that are best for your campaign.
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      I'm a total freebie nut. I freebie as much as possible so I can afford to spend real money where it counts.

      My base is info writing w/affiliate and product links, but I will use the same method if I head for solo ads.

      1. Traditionally, I've Googled topics about my niche target or product and only choose the first page results below the paid ad results. This may seem like a lot of work, but since I'm only viewing a few sites, it goes rather quickly.

      2. I view source and grab keywords and phrases from the meta tags, if available, and I grab the description (meta description) that appears directly under results, and if the results are intriguing enough, I also grab the page's headline if different from the meta description.

      3. I perform another search using different combinations of words and phrases to see how often the same group of prime sites show up. If others show up in the top 10, I grab what they have, too.

      4. Now I have a base of winning keywords and key phrases I can insert in various free tools like Wordstream and others mentioned in this thread, if needed. For instance, for back story info pages that interlink with a main page article, I'll need a slew of related words and phrases. And let's not forget test landing pages. Oh, and I sometimes grab copy from a top page and run it through the keyword analyzer.

      4. That done, I can create targeted content and headlines. For headlines I use the free tool at CoScheduler, and for content analysis I use the free keyword analyzer tool at SEO Book to get a feel for how I'm doing.

      - Annie
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    Seems like a solid keyword research tutorial.
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    thanks for sharing
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