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Is there a way to look at your transactions by product? I have a few products I sell in different places, and I try to seperate them by making different prices for each product at each place so I can track what sells, where.

There has to be an easier way. I have looked all over paypal, through all the filters and stuff, but I cant find how to view only the payments received for a certain product.

Is this possible? When I create my buy and order buttons, I add an ID, but that seems to onlly help by looking at the emails I receive of paymentsd sent.

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    Download your transaction history. That will give you a lot more detail than what you can get through the website views. The downloaded file will include many more details about your transactions, including Item IDs.

    Then, just sort in your spreadsheet program.

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  • Spreadsheet newbie question... How do you sort it after you download it?
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    Load it up in Excel and then do DATA/SORT and choose the column that you want to sort by.

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  • Thanks John. BTW, we are neighbors (I live across the bay). We should get together and go kayak fishing some time.
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      I'd be up for that, where's your favrotie spot?

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        I'd be up for that, where's your favrotie spot?

        Spot??? Depends on the weather. I stay out of the rivers/delta this time of year due to the alligators. The bay is full of specks and flounder.

        Is it taboo to hijack your own thread?
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    I would suggest to use the search function with that product OR if you are looking for a easier, longer term solution, dedicated a different email to each product line.
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