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When looking for products to promote I'm often looking at the earnings per click. EPC may give you an idea on possible ROI. But....

I also look at sales made. I am wanting to know if sales made is something you should really look at when deciding to promote a product?

I see <10 for sales on some products (I believe that is less than 10) and it concerns me that it is not a good product to promote if it only has that many sales.

How important is it to look at sales made when looking to promote products?
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    Lack of sales could mean lack of marketing/sales skills. The only true way is to look at the product, either buy it or ask for a review copy. If the product is not that expensive it is better to buy it, that way you can go through the whole funnel.

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      Of course it would also help to know how long the product has been on the market and how many affiliates have been promoting it.


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        How would you be able to tell how many affiliates are marketing a product.
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    Hi, I would take EPC in account and test high EPC offers with my traffic. Most of the time, stats do not match but still, you get an idea.

    In clickbank, gravity gives an idea how affiliates are doing and in other networks you can go for daily, weekly or monthly sales to get an idea, how product is performing.

    At last, what matters is how your own traffic performs with any offer.
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