Internet Marketing Outline for Newbies

by Kurt
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This is an outline for newbies to use as a general Internet marketing plan. It isn't meant to be complete, instead it's purpose is to give you a starting point.

I probably forgot something, but these are what I consider the "foundation" skills. Get to know these things.

For more info on each, search the Warrior Forum and/or Google.

Getting Traffic

IMO, this is the most essential skill you can have. Without it, nothing else will work.

I'll break it down into two types of traffic:

Pro: Can be fast, even "instant".
Con: Can cost a lot, especially if you don't know what you're doing.

Pro: Doesn't cost anything (but time and effort)
Con: Can take a long time and isn't guaranteed

Search for:
free traffic tips
PPC tips
social marketing


You need something to attract traffic. Most people think of content as a report, web page, PDF, etc. You can create content yourself, buy PLR, curate content, as well as combine these.

When creating content, think about what some call "pillar content" or "skyscrapper" content. This means to take a subject and make the best report or webpage about that subject on the Net. The best content is the easiest to promote. It can take you a week or even a month to create this type of content.

You don't need a site with tons of these excellent, high quality pages. Just add 2 or 3 of these "best ever" pages to your site and promote them heavily. Add shorter articles to your site as you go along. These should still be good, but don't have to be great or the best.

Here's an article by Brian Dean on his "Skyscraper Technique":
Link Building Case Study: How I Increased My Search Traffic by 110% in 14 Days

But content doesn't have to be in the form of information. It can also be pictures and images, software or online scripts, videos, etc. Much of the most popular content on the Net isn't "informational", but rather entertainment.

One decision you'll need to make that doesn't have a single "best" answer is to choose to use your content as:
A paid product
Post it on a website/blog for free to get traffic.
Post it on a third party authority site to gain benefit from that site.
Use it a "bait" to get people to give up their email address in exchange for your content.

I've been doing IM since 1996 and making a decision about how to use content I create still isn't clear cut for me.

Search for:
private label rights
resell rights
how to curate content
content curation tips
content creation tips

Copywriting Basics

You may not need to know everything about copywriting and writing sales letters, especially if you promote affiliate products and are sending traffic to someone else's sale letters.

However, there's some basics that are essential for every IMer.

There's a number of effective "formulas" for writing sales letters. Probably the most popular is called the AIDA formula. AIDA stands for:

To get started, only focus on the two "A's", Attention and Action. IMO, these are the two most important things in copywriting, and to some degree they are also the "easiest". In other words, get their attention and get them to take an action.

Basically, Attention is writing good headlines that grab "attention".

And Action is getting people to take a desired action, such as to click a link, fill in their email address or to click the "buy button".

Attention and Action are not limited to just sales letters. They should be used in things like SEO and email, etc.

For example, in SEO (especially on Youtube) you want your title to grab attention and your description to encourage people to click. Ranking well is only part of the equation, you need people to actually click your link as well.

For email marketing, use the principles of writing good headlines as subjects (Attention) for your emails to encourage people to open your email messages, and then use good "call to actions" (Action) in your email to get people to click through to your offers.

Understand how to write great headlines and call to actions.

Do searches for:
headline swipe files
how to write headlines
guide to good call to actions
call to action swipe files

Follow Up Marketing

Getting traffic is tough. If someone visits any of your pages, they've already shown an interest in your subject, so you want to do your best to be able to reach these people again and again.

The two most vital ways to follow up are:

Email lists

Search for:
Email marketing
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    I knew I'd forget something...

    JVs and Networking

    Don't think of other people as competitors. Instead, think of them as potential partners. This was probably the biggest mistake I made years ago.

    Teaming up with successful people is probably the single best thing you can do.
    Successful people can promote your content and your products. However, you MUST give them value FIRST. This is business, not charity.

    One possibility is to create a valuable, high quality product/report, etc. and have a successful marketing add it as a bonus on their download page. Basically, when they sell their product, there will be a link to your landing page with an email optin form. The successful marketer's customers give you their email address in exchange for your free high quality product or report.

    Again, you must add value to the other marketer's product with your own. However, you can build a list of BUYERS using this technique.

    Another option for building a list of buyers is to create a great product and give 100% commissions to affiliates.

    There are also ways for the big "influencers" in your niches to promote your content and products.

    Search for similar:
    how to network with influencers


    This isn't an strategy. However, it's a very important concept in business. You want to know what the real #1 reason businesses fail in the US? It's due to lack of cashflow.

    Making a profit is important, but even more important is actually getting your hands on the money.

    Here's an example. Let's say you are selling an affiliate product using Facebook ads. You make a few sales. However, you may not get paid for your sales for a month or more.

    Unless you have a lot of money, you won't be able to run any more Facebook ads until you get paid your commissions. Once your budget runs out, so does your income.

    Even with paid traffic, which is "fast", getting paid many not be "fast". If you don't have your own product, or an affiliate product that pays instantly or quickly, you can run into cash flow problems pretty quickly.

    Cash flow is something you must always consider in business and in IM. How much you get paid is a factor. However, WHEN you get paid is often even more important. It may be better to make a $10 commission now than a $20 commission that pays you 6 weeks from now.

    With a $10 commission paid now, you can reinvest that money many times in advertising over the next 6 weeks and if you have limited cashflow, you'll be far more profitable getting your money fast.

    Cash flow is a very important concept to understand. When considering affiliate offers to promote and you have a limited budget, be sure to factor in how fast you'll get paid.
    Discover the fastest and easiest ways to create your own valuable products.
    Tons of FREE Public Domain content you can use to make your own content, PLR, digital and POD products.
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      Originally Posted by Kurt View Post

      Cash flow is something you must always consider in business and in IM. How much you get paid is a factor. However, WHEN you get paid is often even more important. It may be better to make a $10 commission now than a $20 commission that pays you 6 weeks from now.
      Great advice Kurt. I like the $10 commission strategy now vs. $20/6 weeks method you mentioned. It's almost like going into the future without moving anywhere.
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        Great post of pure value. I got lots out of this as I know other will too. One thing with paid traffic is tracking. If your not tracking and testing your going to be having a hard time optimizing and profiting. This is a big problem I see with paid traffic.
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          Fantastic guidelines.... Thanks a lot
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    Paid ads has always worked but you need to master ONE strategy at a time. While one strategy works really well for one person, it may not work too well for others. You just have to test what works BEST for you.

    If you do find something that is working well for you on a small scale, you should scale it up and invest more in it to make more.
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    I'd also say that its worth signing up to just a small handful of top marketers blogs/newsletters so you end up on their mailing lists. Its a great way of getting a swipe file of successful attention grabbing headlines and copy that you can learn from and replicate.Just set up s gmail account for them to go into and then it doesn't interfere with your other email accounts
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    Wow, Kurt! Thank you for an awesome share! I’ve already saved it in my notes.
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    Nice post and I totally agree with Brian Dean's Skyscraper technique, it's a great guide to creating value-packed content.
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        There's no such thing as free traffic, even if you're a spammer.

        Originally Posted by Alex The Lion View Post

        Nice post and I totally agree with Brian Dean's Skyscraper technique, it's a great guide to creating value-packed content.
        I just about fell out of my chair. Do not listen to that guy, blacklist his site if you have to. His techniques will not work unless you are giving away free information. Excluding the ones he stole from other people and you can find those elsewhere obviously. Seriously, there's no magic technique to get free links, you earn them one way or another, get over it.

        It worked for him because he's "Brian Dean." You're not him, it's not going to work for you. This is the same insanity as John Chow bank rolling insane money because he makes 40k a month talking about how he makes 40k a month. You're not John Chow, move on!
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      The same ole boring Threads that actually are so boring that they do work if you use them and put some action to it.
      Unfortunately, it is not exciting enough for the adrenaline- sex seeking 100K in a week Newbie that seems to roam in here oh so frequently

      Thanks again for a really nice blueprint

      -Robert Andrew
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        Great post Kurt, thanks. Any new internet marketer can use it to get started and this outline serves as an excellent reminder for veterans as well.
        Jeff Schuman - SEO Blog Writer For Hire! Buy affordable, SEO, quality, MMO niche blog articles. Fast turnaround.
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    thanks for the tips
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    Thanks for great ides. I would like to contribute some other ideas for newbies to start Internet Marketing:
    First, it is necessary to concentrate on your customers
    Second, make plan for your marketing framework
    Then, Develop your brand to build trust for customers
    After that, increasing the traffic flow
    Next, remember to build engagement with customer
    Good success!
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    I was drawn more to my experience after reading this article . Thank you.
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