Beginners guide to making money - [this time: the MAINSTREAM way]

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I recently started a thread about the marketing techniques i use when it comes to promoting adult sites. Well, since i had to take it down (again, sorry for linking to 18+ material) -

here's what i do in order to make a buck or two in the mainstream world.

The idea in adult was to promote an affiliate program that has some kind of multisite-offer, i.e. you can create site(s) for plenty of different niches but link to just one "sign-up-here-once-and-get-all-the-other-sites-for-free" kind of thing.

Obviously, there's no such kind of stuff like multisite-passes in mainstream, so what we're going to do instead is: pick one category (one product) and try to dominate that one niche (at least when it comes to the long-tails).

Okay, let's start with finding a product to promote.
usually i just sign up to a large aff-network and have a look at their top-selling products. Just choose one product that you actually like yourself - imho, this makes writing articles/blog posts a lot easier.

Now let me tell you my *DAILY* routine (I really do this EACH day, i stick to this religiously, NO SLACKING!)

- I use the free wordtracker keyword tool to get me a product- and niche-related keyphrase. I go for 3-4 word keyphrases with a daily search volume of 100+ and a google-competition of less that 300k.

- I create a blog over at (
Actually i also use another free bloghost but i don't want to link to that one, since it's mainly used for adult blogs.

- I choose a blog-theme with 2 columns and the sidebar to the right (so the search engine sees the content first).

- I use my keyphrase as title and blog name and write a keyphrase-related description (about 500 words) of my blog in the sidebar.
(I use to come up with some related words which i can work into the description. Also i use my exact keyphrase once or twice
in the descripton-text)

- I edit the blog's theme (layout) in the way that between each post, there's a (pretty big, BOLD, orange background) textlink to the product i promote. I Use a call to action plus a lil' bit of preselling ("Click HERE to check out [product], it's well worth the small fee!" - or something similar).

- I edit the blog's theme (layout) in the way that at the very bottom of my blog it says something like "thanks for visiting my blog about [keyphrase]". I heard the SE's love keyphrases at the bottom of a site. Might as well be just a myth but it works for me.

- I populate my new blog with about 8 posts (about 300 words each).
I write about niche-relevant topics, tips and tricks, personal experiences, etc.. I describe the product i promote, sometimes it's just some generic text with some relevant keywords here and there (It totally depends on your niche). I use the exact keyphrase in every 4th or so post, sometimes i write it BOLD, sometimes in italics, sometimes in a different color and sometimes a combination of all those.

- I submit the new blog to the various blog directories (don't forget to add their recips to your sidebar). To find the most popular directories i just google "blog directories" or "[myniche] blogs" or something like that. I only use those directories that come up on the first page of google. (I submit to about 20 dirs). I use my keyphrase as anchor-link (blog title) and when it comes to writing a description, i make sure to work in some related keywords again (This is debatable but i THINK the text surrounding the backlinks is also relevant to the search engines - correct me if i'm wrong).

- I submit the new blog to some social bookmarking sites (using the keyphrase as anchor). There's some bm-sites i use only for the traffic
(,,, and then there's some other sites i submit to, just for the backlinks.
Those would be,,,,, and probably a few more..

- I stumble my new blog's homepage.

- And i write comments on other blogs that are related to my niche or product. In order to find "dofollow" blogs that are related to your niche, just do a search for your niche/product/keyphrase over at
DoFollow Diver - The Premier DoFollow Blogs Search Engine
When you found some (4-7) blogs, don't just spam them but add something of value and when linking back to your site, use your keyphrase as anchor-text.

- Now i update my older blogs with 4 niche- or product-related sentences, and submit those new posts to the social bookmarking sites.

That's basically it.. Takes me about 4 hours per day (1h for the new blog, 3h for updating the old blogs)

I also have some blogs on my own domains (wordpress) but for the beginner, this tactic works. (Really!)

You can expect about 70 uniques daily per blog and after a month or two it adds up. (50 blogs) x (70 hits) = 3500 hits daily = 105000 hits monthly.
With a CTR (click-thru-ratio) to your product of about 15% that's 15750 hits. Assuming a conversion of 1:400, that's about 40 sales per month.
(Those figures are taken from my adult blogs but i found that this calculation can also be applied to mainstream)

For posting to my blogs i use the free w.bloggar tool - it's really a big timesaver!

Now, have a nice day y'all! =)
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    Originally Posted by ChrisByrns View Post

    Obviously, there's no such kind of stuff like multisite-passes in mainstream
    That is where I stopped reading.

    A ridiculous statement.

    Internet Business Is Like An Onion... It Has Many Layers... And Sometimes It Stinks.
    Cook it for awhile in some nice butter or olive oil and you might be onto something!

    Money is Attracted to Movement (aka Action)
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      Originally Posted by Michael Chris View Post

      A ridiculous statement.
      Why? to explain?
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        Multi-site passes would be awesome in IM. Can you imagine paying one monthly fee to access Mike Filsaime, John Reese and Frank Kern's personal blogs?

        I take that back...that's exactly what Stompernet is doing. Except they call it a 'magazine'.

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    I forgot one thing: i don't update my blogs daily. If one site is indexed, i update it 2 or 3 times a week. Usually, blogs get indexed after about a week (if you have relevant content and some strong backlinks), then they tend to get de-indexed some days later (i.e. they totally drop out of the serps), only to come back at a better position after another week.
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      Thanks, Chris. The concept is pretty well established. Also very similar to Niche Marketing on Crack. With a few exceptions, naturally.

      As for me, I cannot recommend at all. Too easy to lose your sites. And technically, they're not really yours.

      If you follow this technique (good for newbies), and start earning $100/mth, drop and setup your own VPS hosting. It'll probably cost you $40/mth to get started (that's what I pay). Then use the extra income to start buying your own domains and establish your niche empire.

      Yes, I recommend completely bypassing Hostgator and going straight for your own VPS server. You'll be thankful in the long run. I can't believe how many shared hosts I went through until I saw the light.

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        Originally Posted by BlueSquares View Post

        ... Yes, I recommend completely bypassing Hostgator and going straight for your own VPS server. You'll be thankful in the long run. I can't believe how many shared hosts I went through until I saw the light.
        That's so true! You could also set up Wordpress MU on your VPS and crank out "" like there's no tomorrow.
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    Couldn't have said it better. Not only does it work, it works straight out of the box just as you put it.

    You could also keyword snipe the crap out of the site by interconnecting your pages using your keyword as anchor text, telling google that that one page is really about the keyword.

    I don't mess with the bookmarking sites that much. It is so much easier to outsource the low quality links (directories, bm sites, ect.) so you can spend more time building your business.

    The 1:400 is way too high of a number. It should be closer to 1:100 in the very least, preferably 4:100 or higher. If it isn't, then you are promoting the wrong product.

    Most people won't realize the significance of this strategy. Most people simply buy into the "if I post a lot and do the social avenue then I will make money and get a lot of traffic. What they don't realize is that if you spend 10% on building content and 90% on building links, then you will rise in the SE's quickly and organic traffic equals $$$$
    "Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing." Ben Franklin
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