Advice on Monetizing Paid/Premium Press Release Distribution?

by wtc
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So.. I have a hundred plus PressCable credits kicking around doing nothing that I would like to make money with.

My thoughts are I can go about it a few ways:

1) Use the credits to submit a PR promoting some sort of affiliate product.
2) Use the credits to submit a PR for a local business then try and get them to pay for it...
3) Find someone who wants to / already use PR and offer them to submit a press release for them at a discounted rate. Say $20. (PressCable currently charges $159).

My difficulties are:

1) Don't know how and seems saturated.
2) Never tried this before.. not sure what type of businesses to target.
3) Not sure if this would work and who'd be interested.

Any helpful advice from yall?
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