Do you know of any good Black Friday hosting deals coming up?

by fin
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HostGator now wants to charge $15 per month for shared hosting.

They can get stuffed, but I'm looking for someone to switch to at end of month and though with Black Friday I could get a good multi-year deal.

Heard anything?
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    Note down all of the hosts you would be happy to work with and then check their sites on the Friday.

    Also, to get a rough idea, do a search on google for Black Friday 2014 Hosting deals. I seem to remember BlueHost, who are as reputable and well known as HostGator, offered a 50% discount.
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    I know you're looking for a deal on webhosting, but the real *deal* will come from your website making money for you in the long run. Search for high quality webhosting first for your business. Then when you're rich and famous... buy out a webhosting company and host as many deals as you want - when you want.
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    Blue Host is offering the Black Friday Offer


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      Originally Posted by malik4u7861 View Post

      Blue Host is offering the Black Friday Offer
      Cool, I'll go with them.
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      Originally Posted by malik4u7861 View Post

      Blue Host is offering the Black Friday Offer
      Just a mental note... Hostgator & BlueHost are both owned by EIG.

      I'm planning on dumping Hostgator and EIG altogther, and contemplating either VPS or a Dedicated server from;

      And, the only thing stopping me is committing to the 'higher' costs. But, I do believe my long-term business model requires this investment, as I can offer FREE or affordable hosting to future clientele.
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        I know who owns HG and I know some have had problems. I have accts with HG that I've had for YEARS and still haven't had far, so good.

        HG has always offered a 1/2 price hosting package in December. Thing is - it's only a great deal if you are willing to buy over a longer term. (Of course, now that I've posted it - this will likely be the first year HG doesn't offer the deal).

        I got a full year of a reseller hosting account a while back for 1/2 price. If you pay by the month you get 50% off for one month - buy for longer term and save more.
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    I am sure they all well, usually hostgator have something like penny or so to start, but wouldn't recommend hotgator.
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    Fin check the sticky in the WSO great deal
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      Not necessarily a 'Black Friday Deal', but GreenGeeks (NOT an affiliate link) is one of the best hosting companies around, with excellent customer service and their prices start at just $3.96/month. Very hard to beat I would imagine.

      I recommend them without reservation.
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    Not a black friday deal, you can check out for ipage coupons

    Learn more about blogging tips, tutorials and deals

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    Currently all web hosting companies are offering mouthwatering deals. You wont get this cheap anytime soon. Grab your hosting if you have not got so far.
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    Went with A2hosting in the end, they seem okay so far.

    Got Namecheap hosting for $0.99 for the first year too, but just to throw a site on until I sell it.
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    I've been hearing very good things about Inmotion Hosting, especially regarding Site Speed. I will be running some tests in the near future and may make the switch.
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      Visit some top blogger blog and you will find it, or just contact them personally
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    This thread is 2 years old and hosting companies aren't going to honor their 2015 deals.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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