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Hi everyone,
I am new to the Warrior forum and new to teespring for selling T shirts. We have a a FB page set up, a few side pages and Instagram and twitter. We are using some autobot software to join groups and scrape friends.

A few questions for people that would help as we do our own research:

What is the threshold for niche users to join your page before you get any traction? 2,000, 10,000? (we are slowly building in the hundreds)

Is it more lucrative to buy FB ads at this point in the beginning? It seems as though this will take 6months or so before a good user base is set up to market to.

Any help would be great.

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    Hey there & welcome to the WF

    Please don't take this the wrong way, I mean absolutely no disrespect here but...
    You're asking the wrong questions and here's why:

    Without going into too much detail here I happen to know that the number of people you have looking at your offers does not matter nearly as much as the quality of those people as it pertains to what you are offering.

    What I'm saying is you can either have 200 quality leads or 2,000 semi-quality leads or 200,000 unqualified leads and you will usually see similar results across the board. In some cases you may even find that the smallest number of people who are the highest potential to buy what you're selling will out perform anything else.

    So what's my point then?

    Target people who want what you're offering then build your fanpages, groups, whatever with them.

    Yes it will take longer.
    Sure it's a lot more work.
    But you know what... it's well worth it! You'll have a lot more success this way.

    If I was you I'd start looking at pre-existing pages around your niche which deal with products, books, magazines, anything that can have money thrown at it basically and deals with or is somehow linked to your niche. Go into these places and start doing whatever it is you're doing.

    Then, once you've tapped those resources, head into groups and do the same. Just be cautious when joining groups because if you get overzealous you will get hit with road blocks and potential account blocks from FB.

    I could probably go on and on about this but I'm pressed for time and I think I gave you a few decent points to consider, at least I hope so. If not... sorry, I tried

    Almost forgot...

    You might want to keep away from doing any PPC in the beginning unless you really know what you're doing, especially if we're talking about selling teeshirts and stuff like that. It's super easy to burn cash this way when starting out.

    If you have the ability to build an audience ding the things you're doing now, just stick with that until you have a better feel for your market and how your products convert with them.

    I would start promotions right away as soon as I had just a couple hundred people on my pages, just be sure to keep your promotions reasonably spaced out between general content.

    Also, keep in mind FB's 'edgerank' algorithms... even though they don't really call it that anymore it is very much still in full effect and if you want to reach the majority of your audience you've spent time and effort to build you may have to pay for post boosts to do it. Not a huge problem, and it's usually a lot cheaper to do PPC this way which is just another reason to hold off on any PPC when starting out.
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    If you are really interested in ads, first off, make sure you have high-quality content on your page already. People are less likely to join pages that have no activity on them, as it is not demonstrating any value. Once you have that accomplished, you can run small, inexpensive trial ads to see what is getting the best response as you narrow down which interests your audience follows and which aren't paying off.
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    Awesome great info guys!. I hope to keep this thread going as I need to have someone take me under their wing. I am promoting for a group of designers and we are just starting out. Some great points made.

    Another question, when adding and targeting people I noticed that alot of the people I add on FB do not end up coming over to the business page that I invite them to. Its like a 1-10 ratio. Is this normal? It seems as though.
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      "someone take me under their wing."

      Add value to this forum, be positive and then maybe someone would consider it!!
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        Sure give me some time and I will.
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    I agree that the quality of your contacts makes the difference of the results.
    But in this era, our friends have to trust you ... and then I would not go straight to the sale on the first try.
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    Originally Posted by toobit View Post

    I noticed that alot of the people I add on FB do not end up coming over to the business page that I invite them to. Its like a 1-10 ratio.
    Here's why nobody wants to see what you're offering.

    Originally Posted by toobit View Post

    We are using some autobot software to join groups and scrape friends.
    You are building up a list base of disinterested bot-scraped garbage.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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      Actually the profile page has the same info as the biz page essentially so I hope that is not the case. But would you like to offer up recommendations?
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