How many keywords should i use for my bing campaign?

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Hello, i am promoting a product in the MMO niche.. i created my own review site. and i'm about to start my bing campaign shortly, But i'm not sure how many keywords i should use.. i am planning on using long tail keywords.. that have medium/low competition. I Just don't know whether to use 10, 20, or even 100 keywords.I'm afraid of using up my whole budget on keywords that aren't converting for me too well. I've never used bing ads before so that's why i'm not sure on how many keywords to start out with... can anybody kindly give me some advice that has experience in bing ppc.
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    hey there this will probably get moved to the PPC SECTION of this forum your get more targeted answers that way
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    I would recommend that you start with a low volume to test conversions.

    Since you mentioned that it's a review website you should start with keywords related to the products you are reviewing, for example let said that you are reviewing Google Sniper, then you should use keywords like google sniper review, google sniper scam etc.

    PPC is a risky business and Bing is not as good as Adwords, but it's cheaper.

    Good Luck
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      If you are using long tail keywords you should use as many keywords as you can find, as this type of keywords get little traffic. Just set your daily budget to an amount that you can afford and you will not spend to much.
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        use as many keywords that you can find related to your keyword and let the ad run for 24 hours. From there you can see what keywords are performing and scrap the ones that aren't doing well.
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    How many keywords you target is going to depend on your budget / and the average CPC of the keywords.

    Start with the keywords you think will perform best and slowly start adding other keywords..
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