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About a year ago I wrote this book. It is a basically a list of places musicians can send their demos and songs. I did sell a few copies and even got a good review but I think sales could be much better. I am not sure if I need a landing page or a squeeze page or bing or what .

I try to promote it through my twitter accounts, combines about 6000 followers.

I also advertise it on my website, which is a website for songwriters to get free reviews of their songs. Currently about 400 people are signed up to that site but I also feel that that number should be higher.

I try to promote that site though other music sites like "soundcloud" and though effective it is very time consuming.

I would like any advise at all about what I can do to get these sites in a better place.

What would you do to start making real money with these things, please be as detailed as possible as I am really a noob at this and THANK YOU in advance. I have been working at this so long.
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    I would suggest Facebooks groups, LinkedIn groups, and researching where else your target market spend it time (and money).

    Also YouTube... some 5 minute recorded powerpoint presentations would do you no harm.

    Viral ebook promo is another angle; embed affilate links into the text. Research (Google) viral ebook marketing

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    You could use Facebook Ads.

    And to do this effectively you would need to first set up a fan page based on some type of music theme.

    And make post on that page. You can then do a simple boost post. The button is always on the bottom when you make a post.

    You will then be able to set up a simple ad that will show in the news feed of people that would be interested in your music niche. There is more to using Facebook ads but this method is simple and newbie friendly. And the price point right. $5 could put you in front of a lot of people interested in the same thing, and it gets better when people start to like comment and share.
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    Have you considered publishing it on Amazon KDP for a start? As a digital book, you could find buyers on Amazon or Smashwords or Draft2Digital. If you wanted to sell it as a paperback, there's always CreateSpace. If you wanted to do it as an audiobook, there's ACX and AuthorsRepublic. If you can't do any of these yourself, there are fiverr gigs that could help you. Or, with ACX, there are people on that site who can do the narration for you for an upfront fee or a contract to split profits. These are all places that can get your book in front of people who might be interested in buying it. Yes -- you do have to do some promoting as suggested above, but I would think trying to sell it totally on your own from your own website would be much more difficult. Good luck.
    Joyce Zborower
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    hi .
    they can download the free preview of your book, but first they have to share a tweet or on Facebook through your Pay with a Tweet. At the end of the demo there is a page that says: you want to read the second part of the demo? Give your email.
    At the end of the second demo is a link to the purchase diretto.demo downloadable free with twitter if you want to.
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    Your site needs a re-design. Doesn't look appealing (or professional) enough to convince me to sign up. Could be your problem. Who would you say is your ideal potential prospect? How have you gone about reaching them besides social media?
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    As you said its " time consuming" If you really like to save your money then it will take you some more time to reach your goal and gain some profit.
    You have many ways to promote your book, like promote it on: free share sites, sell it on ebay and amazon, post ad to craigslist and other ad lisiting sites, write blogs about your niche and put links to your ebook, create youtube channel and add lyrics video or karaoke videoz and put your link to description...

    You have also paid ways to reach your goal:
    Such as: ad providers, where you can choose your category and promote your book,
    facebook ads
    twitter ads
    stumble upon, reddit.
    you can also put your ads to a LYRICS sites, where are located all people interested in music, pay for ads on youtube and so on.
    FREE WAYS takes your time...
    PAID WAYS takes your money.... its up to you how you will decide

    All the best
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    Thanks to everyone who posted. Very good ideas.
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