Is it just me, or does Isnare take FOREVER!

by cloudchaser22 4 replies
It seems like almost 2 weeks before I get my article distributed... and I paid for the "Platinum" level too. :/ It's so frustrating seeing my articles just sitting there.

I'm thinking about switching to another article distribution site?

Do you know of any better ones? Or do you guys recommend Isnare?

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    No its not just you...

    They do take awhile.

    But i've been using them for years.

    Worth the wait.


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    Yes, I agree
    It does take forever. But when finally your article is published it does a good job of distributing your article.

    I have today had an article approved that I had forgotten about completely about. I use isnare for articles that are long and detailed because they require a minimum 500 words.

    I look on these as important high focus and keyword rich articles. I know they should all be like this but you know that some are better than others.

    So if I know that I have produced a particlularly brilliant article I only post it to isnare. I have learnt to pitch the right article to the right directory.
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    I'm a paid subscriber also and its taking me 12 to 17 days to get approved.
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      The delays are longer than usual and Isnare acknowledges it.

      When you log in they apologize and explain the longer than usual delays.

      Hopefully they will be able to sort out their challenges soon.

      All The Best,

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