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Okay this project is in baby steps yet but still.. (has like 25 articles atm)

I decided to go for a (new) brand-type domain in broad girl/woman niches.

My plan on monetization:
  • Half the articles with Adsense
  • Half the articles with Amazon ads
How each article is monetized depends on its keyword.. if its a "buy" type of KW then amazon, else wise Adsense. Each article will have between 500-1000 words as i am targeting deep subniches where there is simply not enough to write about. So 2k articles are off the charts.

Keywords selection:
Alle keywords are being carefully selected with Long Tail Pro (with MOZ)
Double checked by Keyword Inspector
Only 'easy' and 'very easy' keywords will make it into articles. Competitions backlinks/pa/inurl/intitle are taken into consideration while choosing KW's.

  • Full onpage seo by yoast until all aspects are covered
  • As for offpage SEO i will only be doing social sharing for faster indexing.. will let it rank naturally, the ones that don't seem to rank i could outsource seo for it eventually.

Oursourcing articles by a tested and trusted writer. Planning on buying 100 ontop of the 25 i already have. I manually add extra text to all articles and correct what i think needed.

Is this a legit/solid way of doing what i am trying to do? Any tips? Advice?
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    Yes, it is, especially if you're targeting very easy keywords.

    My advice is to stick with it for a while, see how far you can take it. Persistence is the key to success.
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    As far as I understand:
    - You are targeting a sub-niche (instead of a major niche) in which case you should face less competition.
    - All of your articles are 100% unique and have more than 500 words.
    - You have included well-researched long-tail keywords in your articles

    If that's the case, then this is a great plan that you have, and if you stick to it you should have no problem ranking your site within a couple of weeks.

    Just make sure that your outsourced articles are legit and 100% unique as well, and that you post them regularly (not several at a time).
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    This is a very similar strategy to what Spencer Haws conducts over at Niche Pursuits. It's the augmented version of the niche site strategy and it certainly can be performed effectively.

    You could enhance your SEO strategy by reaching out to related bloggers and guest posting. A few powerful and contextual links to the domain, spread through internal links will help show Google this is more than a simple made for Adsense/Amazon site.
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    thanks all..

    i will just continue what i was doing than.

    Get my fiverr abritage tutorial for free HERE.

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