Twitter Help Needed?! How Do I get 6557 in 40-60 Days?

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Alright Warriors

I need a little bit of help/advice please.. I have spoken to an fellow IM Marketer who claims that he can make 6557 or near abouts in 40-60 days again and again if using the right tools and techinques..

He has already show me his twitter account that he is selling for $400 with amount of followers in it.. I asked him why he was selling it, and he said he need the money to pay a few bills, and he could easily get it back to that number of follwers with 40-60 days....

When I asked him what tools and techiqnues that he used,. he said he would want $197 per month.. Which I dont belive is fair one bit..

So now I am here asking this wonderful forumn to help... I am planning to set up another twitter account right from stratch, but I want to use the right tools and techinques to get :

firstly: a higher number of followers asap

secondly: to make sure that these follwers are pontential buyers in resale products..

Can anyone help please??
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