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I have started to develop new ways of finding keywords. These are not the usual methods shown by the mighty warriors here although the standard methods they use are fine as well.
This keyword research method arose out of my discovering an obvious range of keywords that I had missed out on.

One of my websites is on fast weight loss. I know a lot about this because I lost 5 stones in 15 weeks at the beginning of the year. To help me find some good keywords in this very competitive niche I was working on my wordtracker account to a complete frazzle. I came up with some good ones but nothing wonderful.

I took a break and picked up a diet magazine I had bought that day. The lead article was on “fad Diets”
In all my research I had missed this obvious keyword. So I went back to wordtracker with “fad Diets” and found a new rich vein of good keywords. I have since found other great keywords with my offline research.

So here are my 4 top tips to find great keywords offline.

1. Read books and magazines on your topic to find out phrases and terms you do not know.
2. Watch TV programs on your niche to find very topical keywords. E.g. debt problems is a hot current issue
3. Ask your family and friends “What would you look for and how would you type the phrase into search engines.
4. Switch your computer off once in a while and live your life. It is rich with keywords that you can use when you get back to your keyboard

Can you think of any other ways of finding keywords offline.
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    Wow! That's a very good tip. This is not new but hardly mentioned by SEO gurus. Here're some other tips:

    1. Go to Yahoo Answers and choose the question that have the most answers in the related category. Enter the webpage url into Google Adword tools to get some missed out keywords. You'll find amazing results.

    2. Another way is to choose hot products in Enter the site url to get keyword ideas from Google Keyword Tools. You'll find good keywords to promote that product too!
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    That's a good point . But sometimes I just don't get ideas .
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