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I didn't know who to ask I thought warrior forum could be helpful, I used a script to mask my affiliate links, oddly enough only one works, the others are exactly setup the same way and I've tripple checked the links.

I use Tracking 202 for tracking & link cloaking in the status field and a script I use on my hosting to mask the links, I then enter the masked links into tracking 202 so my links get tracked while being cloaked & masked.




Can anyone please check if these links work, they should redirect to the merchant page without showing hoplink etc, when you click the buy button my affiliate code should show at the bottom 80527

I live in South Africa and my internet connection can be a problem sometimes due to the area I live in.

I'm not sure if it's my internet connection or my links,

thank you
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    They seem to work fine, without showing hoplink and your aff id is displayed correctly.
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    works fine but look terrible in firefox.

    Bill Skywalker Edwards

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    Looks alright to me. Not too sure about this though "when you click the buy button my affiliate code should show at the bottom 80527", I can't say I saw that. Honestly.

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    All worked for me, and all had your affiliate ID when I got to CB
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      Thanks all for checking.

      After testing it again from my main review page http://www.therevolutionreviews.com/forexrobotsNote only the 3 links top on the left side is setup at the moment.

      I saw they worked but after about 20sec if I click the links few times it says "unable to find destination". After that they don't work at all.

      The redirects does look a little bad in the browser but I think it's still better than showing aff id.

      I'm concerned before starting adwords campaign.

      If anyone is familiar with tracking 202 it has the ability to change the display URL of Adwords ads from say "www.therevolutionreviews.com" to "www.forexrobotsexposed". It can also track different keywords and ads.

      Can Google analytics track just as good? Cause then I can maybe take out the extra redirect from tracking 202 and use Google analytics for the tracking.Any feedback would be appreciated.

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    Everything looks & works well to me. Your affiliate codes showed in all of the above too & only d main domain names of the site show. All the best
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    All works well at Google chrome.. I had a problem loading the last link though as it showed a blank page at first.. But it works after I clicked refresh so nothing's wrong with your links..
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      Works well. I could never figure out how to make that 202 work for me though... PHP files used to get messed up, so I just bought another software.
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    they all works well for me. i have tested it using firefox and google chrome
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