Problems Changing Commission Percentage In Clickbank

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Hoping someone can clear up this weird problem!

I'm trying to change the commission percentage for a product in Clickbank. It was originally at 50%, and now no matter what I change it to in the settings, it's staying on 50%.

My settings say 75%, but in the marketplace it says 50%.

Any ideas? At first I thought that it must need to be approved by a human, but it's been 2 or 3 days now and it's still stuck on 50%.
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    have you tried, contacting clickbank support? Seems the obvious thing to try first...
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    Yes, I'm about to contact them. But considering their replies normally take a couple of days, I thought I'd check first to make sure i wasn't missing something obvious. In the past, I have been known to be an idiot!

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    Hi Harvey,

    It's saying 50% in the %/sale section, and it's saying 75% in the create hoplink section.

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      The change to the commission rate takes place immediately
      and shows in the Create Hoplink section.

      The %/Sale is the average percentage commission earned per affiliate
      over the last 8 weeks so it will be 50% for the time being

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    Ah, that explains it then. Thanks again for your CB expertise

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