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I am extremely eager to become successful. I am capable of designing and creating elegant and relevant web pages and rather technically-inclined.

So far the opportunities I am in are not bringing the results that I want.

I have searched and reached out to a number of people in the forums but yet to get a response.

If you are looking for somebody to work together with that can make good money please let me know.

Willing to go into mentorship/partnership.
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    Just a suggestion, but Eben Pagan just offered a $1 Trial to his

    STARTUP Club

    It's $37 per month after the 30-Day Trial,and I personally skipped the 2 upsells to focus on the initial training first...

    But, after just a few hours, I already feel to have received 100x my initial investment.

    There's no affiliate connection, I just feel it's jam-packed with some powerful marketing and mindset training, and may give you the push you need to tie-it-all together.

    It's my first mentorship of sort, and I am glad I dove into the materials. Eben's a great teacher!
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    Reality check...

    99.9% make there money here selling "how to..." to people like you.

    Huge profits in lower priced, micro cap, momentum stocks

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    Once upon a time this forum actually consisted of posts that would inform people, now everyone thinks pm'ing their own self-promotions is a form of marketing...
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      ...and apparently PM promotions are now allowed? Seems so judging from the number of people who responds with "pm'd you" or "pm me".

      THOSE are the people with something to sell you - something that might not withstand the light of a public discussion.
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      but the world will be forever changed for that one dog.
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        I want to express my gratitude for those who have reached out to me.

        Yes indeed some PMs are attempts of affiliate links but majority are still kind souls with tips and guidance to share.

        The point is also to establish collaboration and achieve better leverage, I welcome people who would like to work together or just kind enough to help a fellow human being to succeed.
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          Ah, for the good old days, when a certain ghetto-dwelling super-mod would smash you on the head with his mighty banhammer (for life!) if you dared criticize one of the countless, worthless, re-hashed WSOs churned-out by his lackeys.

          I think the Aussies have done a wonderful job of flushing the wafo toilet and getting rid of all the old turds.

          Warriorforum: fetid cesspool filled with snakes and cockroaches

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