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by spicer
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I have developed 2 scripts to work with the Amazon Product API. Both of them are using the new Secured Signing requirement from Amazon. Starting August 15th Amazon will require that any access to their Product API be securely signed.

Since many people would have a difficult time setting this up I have developed 2 scripts that will meet Amazons requirement and allow you to sell and easily manage Amazon products on your website or wordpress blog. The first script will create an Amazon store on your website with all Amazon products or just the categories you select. The second is a wordpress plugin that allows you to schedule Amazon products as posts to your blog based on keywords you select.

I started with just having the store verison and it is live and available, but now I have a Wordpress version as well. I have not made the Wordpress version live yet. I plan to do that this by weekend. I plan to have this up and running by Saturday morning.

My question is would you offer it as two sepearte products or would you just add the wordpress plugin as a bonus to the store version?

Right now I am asking $47 for the Amazon store script.
What would you charge for each if you sold them sepearte?
What would you charge if you bundled them together?

Last but not least would you offer a free version with income sharing. For example every 5th customer would go to my Amazon Account? This seems to be a popular model for simular scripts. I am just not to sure on this last one as it does not seem to be benefical to my affiliates as there would be no easy way to provide them with a way to make money. If I offer both a paid and free version I would think that would limit that number of affiliates willing to promote my scripts.

How do you handle offering both a free and paid version with Affiliates?

Sorry for all the questions, but it would really help to get different perspectives.

Any Advice would be greatly apprecaited.

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