Is a '.com' domain really still as necessary as it once was?

by JoeyS
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First post so I want to say hello to everyone. Absolutely love the resources available on this site and from what I read so far this seems like a really supportive community.

I am currently Joint venturing on one online business course which is in motion right now, however I have had an idea I wish to pursue myself to do with learning the piano and want some advise on a domain name.

I've done a search on various threads and it seems that the consensus is the'.com' is still king. However, with current internet marketing techniques aimed at driving traffic to your site through lead generation opt-ins and building Facebook/youtube community's to build social proof/branding for your own tailored marketing funnel, and also less emphasis on domain name SEO. What exactly are the benefits of a .com domain other than huge product brand creation?

Is it still important to have a .com name if you are following the latest cutting edge internet marketing techniques to drive traffic to your site.

I ask as I am quite taken with the .academy domain name as I can create my own brand name and the .academy itself implies it is a site of learning rather than have to incorporate this aspect into a .com and settle for a domain that isn't as catchy or short.

If I chose a .academy domain what in your collective experience would be some disadvantages?

Thanks so much guys. Looking forward to becoming a regular here.
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    In my opinion, you should always get a .com domain name if you can. It is still "THE" domain extension to have. Less tech savvy people may not recognise fancy domain names.
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    People who have been on the web a while are subject to typing in a ".com" by nature.

    It should have no bearing on actual ranking (but some will dispute that). I've not personally tested it so I can't verify either way.

    I've caught myself putting in .com when a site is actually a .net.

    "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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      Ok cool, thanks for the input.

      I just want to add a thought to the original post. leadpages use a .net domain extremely successfully. Do you think they couldn't get the .com?. Their whole strategy revolves around lead generation and supposedly are at the cutting edge of internet marketing strategies yet they do not use a .com domain.

      I have a decision to make as to whether I choose a .com domain and have to settle with a longer, less simple domain as most domains I want are gone or taken by those ******* who buy domains and hold them to ransom, or go with a short snappier domain with a .academy domain which already implies it is a place of learning and drive traffic to me.

      I suppose people naturally typing .com is a very real concern particularly with my market being those people who maybe aren't tech savvy. However I am planning on using a lot of techniques to drive traffic directly though splash pages/lead pages, Facebook and youtube to name a few.

      Its very interesting. I don't want to get caught up in a domain but it does require thought, I just want to get going lol.
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    SEO is not the only concern here. There is the dual problem of people who don't yet understand that there are other extensions out there and those who might, but don't yet view them (or the businesses who use them) as trustworthy.

    Both are problems that will likely resolve over time, but not on your immediate timetable.

    I would get your dream domain and build your site on it, then also get the best .com you can and redirect it to the site. Do your marketing on the .com for now, and gradually migrate your marketing to the .academy as the market (or your business) allow you to.
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      Thanks very much Jack. I never really thought of that.

      My problem was that my .com names I could get were a bit sleazy and martkety so I guess i could use a domain like that to sell to the masses and then redirect / convert them to my ideal brand / domain once they get to know what I am really about.

      Very good idea! Thanks
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    ".com" is still very familiar. Even myself as an internet marketer..... when i see website links with funny looking URL extensions.... honestly the first word that comes to my mind is "scam".

    Even though i know it's NOT a scam, that's instantly the first word that comes to my mind, then i have to rationalize to myself that i know it's just a marketing ploy, and NOT a scam.

    But ".com" is still in effect. Use it so that users don't perceive the wrong thing about your site.
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      I personally think .com is the way to go if the name is available, but I myself do have a few .info domain I use for affiliate products, but hands down .com is the best way to go.

      I wish you much success!

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        .com is the standard and you have to look at promotion of your site...

        Way easier to say go vs

        Imagine a commerical with a catchy jingle but instead of it goes to

        The only way I would use one of the crazy extensions is that if it was hella clever...

        There is a site called

        Now something like that pretty cool
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    Based on my experience, .com domains are easier to rank. Google does not acknowledge it but still that has been my experience.
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      It's advantageous, of course. But not necessary in a lot of instances.
      Some people who have one page Sites or Landing Pages really should not be concerned so much about it.

      Brand-able Sites and Authority Sites?...yes it can help. But imo if you get "stuck" trying to find an appropriate name with a .com and waste time doing it...then forgo the .com and use a .org or .net

      - Robert Andrew

      Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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    .Com is not as necessary now, but it is still the one to go with if you can, and pretty much every reason to go with .com has already been stated here by others.
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      There are at least three other reasons to go with dot com that haven't been mentioned yet.

      As you probably realize, the "com" in dot com is short for commercial. If you have a commercial site (one designed to sell stuff online) then dot com is always the preferred domain extension. Dot net, dot org, dot info, etc, are not primarily designed for commerce even though lots of people have "defaulted" to those because they think their best dot com names are already taken.

      Another important fact is this: there are still lots and lots of great dot com names available in every niche. Just use Impossibility or Lean Domain Search and you will find many great dot com names that you didn't know were still available for registration.

      Finally, think about the value of having a dot com extension when you go to sell your web site someday. It could be worth a lot of money in a sale because of the scarcity of good dot coms. Regardless of the name you choose, it will sell for more if it is a dot com given all other considerations are equal!

      Dot com is the only way to go.

      If you can't find a good one, let me know and I'll help you get a great dot com for your new business.


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    I would go for a .net, .org. or .info before I bought one of those new vanity domains. But .com will always be king.
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