Running A Blog Contest Just Got Easy

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I can tell you from personal experience that running blog contests
is a big pain in the butt. Don't get me wrong, traffic and exposure
benefits are great, but keeping track of everything and staying on
top of things takes a lot of hard work.

I ran a relatively big contest a few months ago winners of which were
announced a month after the contest commenced. It took me a minimum
of 2-3 hours a day just keeping up with all the emails and keeping track
of all the stats and everything else that goes along with a contest of
those proportions.

Well, according to ContestMachine, the days
of keeping track of your contestants, entries, stats, prizes etc are over.
On their home page, they invite you to
"Run a contest or giveaway on your
blog or website. We handle it all, from collecting entries to choosing and
contacting winners."
Their contest management premise is based around placing their widget
on your blog. Features that they provide include the ability to:

* Create your widget in seconds
* Match your site's colors
* Set entry requirements
* Set start and end times
* Add your own prizes
* Gather valuable data

Additionally, you have the ability to collect emails of your contest entrants
to be used later for upselling purposes.

How does it all work?

1. Create - Create a contest or giveaway. Set entry requirements and limits.
2. Customize - Add your prizes (one per winner) and match the widget colors to your site.
3. Embed - Embed the widget in your site and collect entries from your users.
4. Select Winners - Review qualified entries and select winners.
Collect mailing addresses along the way if you wish.

What's the catch? The only thing that I could notice was that the free
account places some limits on the number of promotions you can do and
does not allow you to have an opt-in list. But, this is fair enough in my
opinion - you can't expect to utilize their resources completely without
forking out some money.

Overall, it looks like a decent service and I will consider using it the next
time I run a contest on my blog.

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