Should I follow people who follow me on Twitter?

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I have recently started using twitter. I have been posting my articles there and I have been getting some followers as a result.

I was wondering, is it impolite not to follow others who are following you?

Do most of you follow the people who are following you?

Any responses are greatly appreciated.
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    Originally Posted by Microbusiness Media View Post

    I have recently started using twitter. I have been posting my articles there and I have been getting some followers as a result.

    I was wondering, is it impolite not to follow others who are following you?

    Do most of you follow the people who are following you?

    Any responses are greatly appreciated.
    For me that depends, have a look at their home page, if they have got the standard logo I don't follow them.

    I actively block all the posts from budding porn stars

    I also see if they their is nay value in their posts if not ignore them

    Just me those are my rules
    La dominatrix
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    If they don't have a real picture of themselves, chances are they are not serious about networking on Twitter.

    You really have to be selective about your followers at the risk of getting unactive people, spammers and untargeted folks.

    I cannot stress this enough: QUALITY FOLLOWERS OVER QUANTITY!!!!

    Don't do the same stupid mistakes as I did.
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    It is perfectly acceptable not to follow those who choose to follow you. Follow those who you feel have a good vibe and something to offer. Otherwise you will get bogged down in dross. I have had some bizarre followers who only seem to want to ~ see my bum/sell me Viagra/insist that I rate their adult videos/sell my soul to the devil. Also, loads of people who are just rehashing IM products.
    Just use your common sense. Those ones that you choose not to follow will not even know.
    Don't be afraid of hurt feelings. John Cleese, Steven Fry and Alan Carr decided not to follow me, and I got over it. :-)
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    I also look at their URL and messages (Tweets) they have posted. I don't follow spammers, x rated , or useless dribble ( and some competitors)
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    I used to follow back those who followed me but then I found that I wasn't looking at my Twitter updates because it was filled with heaps of junk.

    What's the point then?

    So I unfollowed those that were spamming me and now it is a joyful experience
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  • Thanks everyone! These are all great insights. I had been going to others pages to see if their content was relevant to what I was tweeting about. If it is related, I usually follow back. That probably what Ill continue to do.
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    If you question is really should you follow those that follow you... automatically.

    Its one of the first things I learned not to do.


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      Yes, I agree with most eveyone's comments. If they don't have a photo, don't use a real name, or posting under a business name, I generally don't follow them. It's worth spending a few minutes to check them out if you have any questions about them.
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  • Yes, I do basically the same as everyone here. First, I take a look at their profile and see if what they are involved in is interesting to me, also don't follow those with no photo and weird nicknames.. And that's simple, you just choose who you want to follow!! =)
    Anderson Goncalves
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    Yep, Twitter is much more enjoyable if you follow only the few who really interest you or that you want to converse with, otherwise you just see a bunch of junk.

    Darren Olander
    My Blog

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    Well, it all depends on you. But first you must take a look of their profile and see if they really worth to follow.
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      You must follow people who follow me on Twitter.

      Twitter is a social networking site and it encourages friendly activities.

      If you are a famous person like Britney spears,you need not do that, because your fans will become your followers willingly.

      So, it is better to follow them who follow you.
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    Whether you are using twitter for business or personal networking, you are not supposed to follow all your followers. It's okay

    However you might want to sort people and choose to follow them if they happen to share same interest as you have (both personal and professional).

    Try twitter search or twellow (twitter directory) to find people that share your interest and follow them. I personally use both to find some great people. It is very important to build a quality follow list so that your twitter profile is not dumped with loads of crap. The other benefit is that you would get some real good info and links that most people share.

    hope this would be of help.

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      While I'm hardly a Twitter pro, I have found a couple of thngs that work for me.

      Unless the new follower is someone I know, I usually wait a couple of days before following back (if I'm going to at all). This weeds out some of the folks whose only motive in following me is getting the follow back so they can blast me with links to biz opps or affiliate stuff.

      When I do consider following, I look at the home page and recent tweets. I don't mind a business name for a screen name, as long as there's a human in there someplace. I use one of my business names for my profile because my real name is more common than I ever thought it would be.

      If the recent tweets are things I wouldn't mind getting by email, I'll follow back usually. If everything is a promotion, sorry, pal...

      Just because I follow you now, doesn't mean you have me for life. If I open my Twitter page, and all I see is your face telling me how to get millions of followers, bye bye. If all I ever see from you are promos, you're history. If you bore me, you're gone - and that includes sending page after page of "inspirational quotes".

      I guess I could have made this much shorter...

      Be real. Be interesting. Be considerate.
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    I agree with following people that you research their home page and have something in common with.
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    The answer to this is No. Only follow those who are relevant to your field or your account might get suspended. This is what I have experienced when my account got suspended. I haven't yet got any clear clarification from Tweeter for the reason behind this but don't follow everybody who follows you.
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      I agree with many of the others here who follow only select Twitter members. I always check the profile, and sometimes the website, of my followers before deciding to follow them. There are now many Twitter members who are spammers, plus there are a lot of "questionable" members with sites that I don't want to have connected with my Following list.

      It's much better to take an active role in selecting the most suitable members for you to follow. Just my opinion.


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