Use shopify or pay somone to design website for me?

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Hello Warriors,

I am in the market to start my new business venture selling boxed sealed foods.

I have the products and box shipments pricing down. I just need a website now to start getting customers.

I'm looking at designing my website through shopify, but I have no knowledge of desiging websites, SEO, or anything that comes after, how do I promote my page other than instagram, fb and youtube?

Also, I would need a customer subscription button which shopify charges at $20 a month along with website $29 a month so that's already $49 a month and I have to do all the website design etc and no help of SEO.

I found on youtube and he is offering $500 for website + SEO and $40 a month for 1 year then $9 a month from there on and he takes care of everything.

Also, my local craigslist ecommerce services offer the same thing, but webeminence's youtube videos makes me sound like he know what hes doing much more than local craigslist.

Would this be a good investment to start my business? I mean, the website is all I got in terms of selling my product and I want to make it the best and drive the most traffic possible to it.

Start up money within the thousand is not an issue since I have a day job, I realize at $10 a box profit , it would take me 60 customers to regain from this investment, but all is worth it if I get customers, rather than using shopify and not getting any customers.

An example of website I want to "duplicate" would be for reference.

Thanks for your help .
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    Hi Kenshi3,

    I'd recommend setting up a Wordpress website with the WooCommerce plugin. It's a free plugin that will do everything you need to set up your products online, including coupons, shipping costs, checkout pages, etc.

    It's an amazing plugin and there's lots of video tutorial support out there for it.
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    Originally Posted by kenshi3 View Post

    An example of website I want to "duplicate" would be for reference.
    That site uses woocommerce.

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    If you get a good Wordpress theme with lots of shortcodes it's not hard to design a respectable website, at least until you're making enough to be able to afford a designer.

    Check out Flatsome on the Envato marketplace as an example.
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    As others have said you could install Wordpress on
    your domain pick up a free theme, add a couple of plugins
    and start selling almost right away. Then when you
    confirm that your market is viable you can go and hired
    a designer for your website, but that's just my opinion.

    If you really want to hired a designer on the other hand,
    you could look at the warriors for hire section of the
    warriorforum or your local ad site. You'll generally be
    able to get a descent wordpress site for 250$-400$.

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    You can search the net to find tutorials and video tutorials for setting up WordPress for your online shop. And when your site starts selling a few products then you can take help from professionals for customizing your site.

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    One of the reasons to use WordPress is the benefit that you have in terms of positioning on search engines. Plus your pages will be visible, more customers will access your site.
    * if you add the plugin just that, for the most part, WordPress puts at your disposal for free, you'll grow the optimization.
    Some plugins are excellent..... WordPress SEO by Yoast and All In One SEO Pack.
    I think it is a good resource!
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      You have many alternatives.

      Here is one that has a ton of "helps," tutorials, and built in features that will help you to market your site. They set up everything and host your site so they handle security which is a big issue for Internet stores.

      Yes, there is a reasonable monthly fee, but if you can't earn that fee back with a couple of sales a month, you have to question why you are trying to have an Internet store anyway.

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      The very best to you,


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    Shopify or a designer, as mentioned, aren't your only alternatives. WooCommerce is both easy to set up, has an extension for mailing your customers, and there is no monthly cost for using either WooCommerce or the extensions.

    You choose the theme that you like the best for the look you want and you don't have to be a designer or hire a designer.
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    Is there a reason why woocommerce / wordpress is so heavily favoured over shopify around here?
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    I would suggest to go with wordpress + woocommerce. Wordpress is the best and woocommerce is the best ecommerce plugin which is used by 25% of all ecommerce website in the internet today. You don't want to loose this opportunity to go with a winning combination.
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    I am far from an expert in any way when it comes to creating a store. However, I would choose what is the least costly to start with and prove your concept before spending a bunch of money. For this reason, I would go with shopify.

    Which by the way, I'm not just saying that, it's what I chose. I have something that I want to test and need a store and after looking at my options, I went with shopify. It just seems easier, faster, more secure and comes with support if ever needed.
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