best affiliate marketing tool to sell tickets online ?

by vidf
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I'm producing a huge New Years Eve event and would like to talk relevant local content creators and media companies into promoting my landing page using banner ads, social media, their mailing lists, etc. If a visitor comes from their site and buys a presale ticket they get a commission.

What easy to use software service out there does this using cookies ? I'm looking for something trustworthy I can easily set up so I can start selling tickets online.
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      I use MyLeadSystemPRO for all my marketing. It's designed to attract your perfect prospects/leads by attracting them.
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      I just bought a very cool WP plugin that is made just for what you are saying. It's called WP JVPro. It was an up-sell when I purchased their base plugin called, WP Certify.

      LINK: WP Certify

      The JVPro plugin is what I really wanted. But I think you have to buy the front end offer first. The front end is a WP plugin that basically protects download links, optin pages, etc.

      It's the WP JVPro that you want.

      I have not used it yet, as I just purchased it. It sure looks promising. Very professional. I'll keep you informed.

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