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it says i need to pay with paypal to be a member of the war room. can i just pay with a credit card instead of paypal? Is this for newbies?
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    You can pay with your credit card using paypal.

    NO, Not just for Newbies...

    This is one of those Just Do It Moments!

    Have a Great Day!
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    You can pay with a credit card through Paypal. You don't even have to be a Paypal member to do it.

    The War Room is for everyone who wants to make money online (or offline). Some really good stuff in there. You won't be sorry you joined.

    - Nightowl
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      The last I heard, the War Room was not for beginners.

      Even if you pay with a credit card, your country still has to be accepted by Paypal. Mine is not on the list, even though I have a credit card which I can use online.

      I've been wanting to join for quite a while now, does anyone have any suggestions?
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        You could check out the helpdesk of warriorforum. The war room does provide pretty good material and most of them are free. It's all advanced tricks of the trade.
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          I opened a ticket at the Help Desk a few months ago concerning this problem and haven't received any replies.
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