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I do not do Fiverr - but my brother does. He is experiencing something really weird with that service, and I am at a total loss. Wondering if anyone doing pretty well selling gigs on there can help shed some light?

His niche is writing short stories and poems. When he started about this time last year, as a new seller, he got quite a lot of business. There was at least one order a day, and he was only listing 3-4 gigs at that time.

Fast forward one year later. He is using the exact same gig titles, descriptions, and images. He has like 90 positive reviews and an overall rating of 4.9+. But, he is no longer getting any business. His gigs don't show up higher in the search results like they used to. With a good reputation and some time under his belt, I would expect a bit more.

I thought it might be increased competition, but that doesn't seem to be the reason. The gigs featured at the top of searches on his keywords are not all that great, some of them are brand new, and we just can't figure out the problem. Any Fiverr sellers out there experienced an inexplicable drop in business (almost 100% gone) over time?
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    I went from 20 sales a day (for an article writing gig) to being lucky if I received one a week.

    Fiverr refused to help me. They insisted that there was nothing wrong with their system and that the issue was with my gig (it wasn't. I sold well over 4,000 gigs). Eventually, because I was not doing enough business on my gig, I had my Top Rated Seller status removed. I was trying for ages before that to get my business back on track but they, simply, refused to help.

    I was offering 2 x 500-word articles for $5.00 (and I am a native English writer), so it was certainly not down to the attractiveness of the gig.

    So, in short, I do not know the problem. Fiverr do not know the problem. It just happens, and it is annoying.
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    There is something within their algorithm that has altered the way that people's gigs are ranked. I find that reaching outside of Fiverr to start drawing business to your gigs has been a great way to combat this and make your brother's service relevant again. Using social media to find a target audience that needs that service can take a bit of time, but it can generate quality leads.
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    I do not know the answer, and am not a seller, but maybe they are trying to help out the new sellers and it happens at the expense of the old ones?

    Has he tried changing things in the description? I'm on some portfolio-type sites, and making any update at all, even a comma, results in higher rankings. The site tells people that and to update frequently. This may relate to what I said above, that the fresher the better. They may want fresh meat.
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    Gigs are swapped around either automatically or hand selected.

    They test the water with many new gigs. The consequence is that less appealing gigs get stripped of priority.
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    Same thing happened to me, but I grew tired of Fiverr since a couple of months back anyway. Last spring I was getting orders almost every day, fast forward to later this year I never get any orders. I have a 100% positive rating and done around 50 or so orders.

    Fiverr sucks anyway, the people that buy the gigs there are the worst kind. I'd suggest to tell your brother to do something else.
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    The same thing happened with me. I used to get at least an order a week (usually more) and now I'm lucky if I get an order every few months. I think their algorithm buries us somehow, although to me, it would be better to promote the sellers with a good track record over a long time, rather than newbs.
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    I appreciate all this good insight into what Fiverr is doing, if anyone else has an experience to share, would love to hear it!
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