Should I have a contest on my affiliate page?

by AS2015
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Hi all,

I'm in a process of finalising my first launch, and I've decided to give away 100% on F/E , 50% upsell/downsell.

Do you think a contest on the affiliate page will help? I can't afford a lot, but on the second thought I want to attract affiliates..

I feel a bit confused with this matter, how important is a contest at the end of the day?
(the product is how to make extra money online via ebay- ebook)

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    Hey! Congo for launching your first ever product!
    It is always preferable for having an affiliate contest
    as it will lure those "BIG GUNS" or affiliates to promote
    your product. It is proven that with an affiliate contest you'll
    be getting more affiliates to promote your product.
    Hope it helps

    Dawood Khan
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