Hi, people! What payment method do you prefer?

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I have one question for you!
What payment method do you prefer? Why?
1) WebMoney
2) PayPal
3) Paxum
4) Payoneer
5) Payza
6) Wire
7) Check
8) Other (Namely?)

Thank you in advance!
Have a nice day!
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    I like Paypal the best as it is great to use as a buyer and a seller.

    I have used Paymate before as a buyer years ago, but Paypal is my favourite.

    If you are a seller it is important to use one that most buyers would be happy to use and Paypal is very popular.
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    Most of the people will choose the Paypal first. After choose paypal, people may choose another one. But first choice will be the Paypal. Because it's service is excellent. Beside the Paypal, I have been using some other payment method, but the paypal is number 1. Thanks
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    Paypal. Secure payments about 90% on the internet without having to type in credit card numbers all the time.

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      Originally Posted by Randall Magwood View Post

      Paypal. Secure payments about 90% on the internet without having to type in credit card numbers all the time.
      Paypal because it can take credit card numbers.

      "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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        Paypal is very good and most of the time there is no hassle, sometimes the support team is a bit slack but all in all there my favourite choice. I like the interface and account management
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    Paypal. It's the most recognized and trusted. And very fast for payments, sending payments and for paying products.
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    Nochex. An alternative to PayPal. Nochex is also listed as an acceptable payment method on eBay, although its full integration into the system has taken some time.

    Authorize.net. Good match for Magento stores and shopping carts such as osCommerce.

    CashU. Popular payment service in the Middle East and North Africa, where it’s the leading alternative to credit cards.
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    Originally Posted by ClickForward View Post

    What payment method do you prefer?
    It really depends on whether you are asking as a buyer or a seller.
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    Paypal. Simply because most people have it and it's usually simple and easy
    Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better.
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  • PayPal is the obvious choice. As long as you don't do anything shady with your account you shouldn't have any problems! Never had any problems since ive been with them.
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    Paypal is in the number one. Though there are many online money transfer site around the whole world, nut the paypal hold the best place for a long time. I have been using many method. Such as 1. Paypal, 2. Skrill. After the paypal, the 2nd position hold the Skrill to me, 3.Payoneer, 4. Payza or, something like these. Most of my friends & Family are using the Paypal. So it is really easy to get paid & send money to them via paypal. This is the main reason why I have been using these service. Thanks a lot.
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    PayPal 4evs

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  • Profile picture of the author NIKHIL GOYAL
    Paypal as it is safe and secure.
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    I like PayPal.

    As a product owner, you pretty much get paid INSTANTLY.


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    As a buyer, when an online store offers me both PayPal and Amazon I always use Amazon. Otherwise I use PayPal. If neither is offered I almost always abandon the purchase.

    I'm talking about both physical products and downloadable ones.
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  • Profile picture of the author dawoodkhan97
    Paypal is the best of all as you can generate invoices,
    secure, recurring payments, used for your products
    and buyer protection.
    I love its flexibility!
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  • I use PayPal. Its easy to use and its a reliable means to pay my suppliers and to get payments online. They not that expensive either. I would recommend PayPal.
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  • Profile picture of the author Augustinus
    Definitely paypal ,

    it is most convenient for me, I am with them for years and I like how fast are money transferred and how widely is PayPal acceptable as a payment processor
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    Paypal Business account is really all you need. People trust it more than the other platforms. Also if live in the UK or US, then you have an option to take a loan from Paypal. That is if you have $20K volume business in 12 months.(check that for the country you live in)
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  • Profile picture of the author SamNuku
    Paypal for sure. Cos i use them all the time. Its relatively easy to use. Globally accepted & recognized brand.

    But, I have them lol. They're a$$holes to deal with & they think they can do whatever they want.

    Can't have it all hahaha
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    Paypal for ease of use / Bitcoin for the same reason asoon you get into it / Moneygram
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    Cash is king!
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    Wishing everyone the very best of the Festive Season.

    Peace on Earth
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    7) Check - No fees involved.

    I use to have a "payment by check" option for my first ebook and did get some
    checks in the mail, mainly from older customers. So you never know.

    -Ray Edwards
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    The Paypal is my first choice & Second is SKRILL/ Moneybookers. I have been using these two for a long time. I trust these two very much. Thanks
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    I use Paypal and Payoneer and i like Payoneer the most because it is very quick, simple and trustful in my country, people in my country don't really like paypal so i dont usually use Paypal
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  • Profile picture of the author trecher
    Definitely PayPal with their track record
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    I would definetly choose and prefer paypal.
    But its only good for buyer. The seller has just disadvantages
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