Why don't my deals close completely?

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hey WF

So i downloaded jordan belforts Straight line persuasion and "closed" $300 worth of deals in 2 days, unfortunately i think only 1 will actually pay.

I have these guys on the phone saying yes to my offer and price and still they just wont send the money through...

I'm just like what the **** lol

How do i fix this?
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    It's not a sale until the fat lady sings.

    When you see the funds show up in your payment processor or bank account (without any refunds), then that's a real sale.

    It sounds like you are 'close' to making sales but they just haven't come in yet.

    You can't fix this.

    You need to allow your prospects time to make up their own minds on their own without any pressure.

    Never get attached to sales. Just keep doing what ever you did to create those types of conversations and eventually you will start to see money rolling in.

    Takes time and skill and lots of patience.
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    Hello cjsparacino123,

    Years ago, I had a good friend. He was a master poker player and he taught me an important lesson about poker and life.

    Sometimes in poker, you get hand after hand after hand of great cards. Other times, you get into a bad streak and no matter what you do, unless you are a very good bluffer, you lose. Most of the time it is simply 50 - 50%.

    So, from this, I want to draw two conclusions:

    1) It can simply be a bad streak. Sometimes it happens just like you could have closed 10 people and 10 to send you the money.

    2) SLP is made for fast-closing. SLP is not designed for long term sales processes. This means that it artificially makes the other person enthusiastic about what you have to sell, it boosts his or her state and that's when you close the deal. But as soon as those return to normal, they will back out if they have nothing to lose.

    There is a saying ...

    "There is a 75% chance that if the client doesn't say yes the first time, he'll never say yes".
    A simple yes on the phone may be just to get rid of you or because you've inflated his state but then he drops from heaven and gets back to reality.

    If you don't actual close them in that moment (close as in getting paid or getting a written commitment) drop the SLP and start using the SPIN model. SLP is very niche based, it works amazingly well in some markets and it is awful for everyone else.

    Best regards,
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    A sale is not closed till you make the sale and get paid.

    Maybe you should talk to more people. This will make a big difference.
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    It happens sometime mate. Some people show interest but don't take action so don't spend too much time on that one client that is feeling reluctant to pay. Focus on getting more clients. You chances of making more profit is higher when you have more clients.
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    You took action. That all matters. We all have to start somewhere. Keep refining your skills and eventually you will get more sales closed.
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