Quickie Article Marketing Tip To Get People To Your Site

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Here's a quickie for you today and then I'm heading into the recording studio
to crank out another tune.

Want to get people to your site almost certainly?

Write a news article and then offer up a poll at the end of it.

For example, big news today is Michael Vick signing with the Eagles.

At the end of your article, ask people if they think that he should be allowed
to play football again. And then tell them that there is a poll they can
answer at your site.

In your resource box, give the URL.

It's that simple.

Human nature loves to give opinions. Offer them an easy poll to do this and
you'll have a very high CTR for your article.

Try it...I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results.

Now it's into the studio...chow.
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